How do I give my boyfriend an erection?

Ok I'm going out with this guy and I want to give him a handjob which I've done before, only the previous guy I did it to didn't get hard, so how do I give my boyfriend an erection when giving him a handjob cause I'm worried I won't be any good at it :S


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  • Why are you worried, that was the problem of the previous guy. He must have had sex or must have masturbated before your handjob, that is why he wasn't getting hard. Did he ejaculate ? The other reason is that it could have possibly been due to his nervousness. This nervousness is called sexual anxiety. All boys do not have sexual anxiety.

    How will you describe your current guy ? Like, is he confident ? He will get erection faster if he doesn't have any sexual anxiety. Also, he will get hard if he hasn't had sex for some time.


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  • Don't just ask him to whip it out and start stroking it - get him aroused first. Make out with him, rub him through his pants, tell him how big he is and how you want to feel it in your hand, etc. I guarantee after a few minutes of that, he'll be quite hard and begging for you to touch it. If not, then maybe he's not into you...?

  • Honestly if he likes you hugging him may be enough. I am about to blow the secret. For guys hugging a girl they like is a great opportunity to feel boobs. Sexily take your shirt off. Tell him how hot he is. Tell him you are about to unzip his pants and grab his big hard c o c k. Honestly if I like a girl she could probably just tell me she wanted to see me get hard and I would get hard. Say his name in a sexy voice may be enough. Its not hard.

    • Hey "sub' I think you are on to something there.......a girl told me she just wanted to "watch a guy get hard..........they're ALREADY HARD when I get to them " I told her that would be tough to do, because most guys when they saw this girl.......they would be hard a block away. !

  • Are you seriously asking this question?

    If you turn him on, well, you turn him on. There's no curriculum to study. It's really quite simple.

  • Dont worry, you'll make it.

    About this it's only a matter of how good you are, nothing else.

    He will probably enjoy it anyhow you make it ; ), even if he doesn't get fully hard.

  • Suck at it. That ought to perk it up.

  • Oh for crying out loud. Just sit on his lap, and like a toaster you'll feel the pop up.

  • Well if he is naked, or at least pantless, Start by gently running your finger over his cock. Find a spot or spots that he likes. Ask him to tell you where it feels best.

    Hint: try lightly running your fingernail just to the outside of his balls, where the sack meets the leg...

  • If you're at all attractive, he should become hard as soon as you go near his penis. There is usually part of a girl's body that will turn a man on; sometimes it's shapely legs, sometimes its breasts, or sometimes just an attractive face. If you possess none of these you may have to consider becoming a lesbian, where looks are not an issue.

    Because so many women these days insist on being stick thin or overweight, which no man will find a turn-on, this is becoming a common problem these days.


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  • Um, the mere fact that you are touching it should make it hard.

    • I agree it should go hard even b4 your hand touches really just for the fact that he knows it's coming, the problem was on his side not yours so don't worry about it.

    • Definitely. The anticipation alone will have him gagging for it. In fact, the problem is usually getting a guy to keep it down, not get it up. lol

  • well my guy gets hard when we makeout and I kiss his neck in this certain spot, he also likes it when I suck on his bottom lip, and uhh yeah there are sooo many ways !

    even by him just seeing you in a bra and lacy underwear could totally turn him on

  • Well you can always give him oral and that always seems to work. Some guys need more than just looking at you or you touching his ear find his spot and get to know his body.

  • When I am french kissing my boyfriend I go ontop of him, which he asks me to do but I end up doing it even if he doesn't ask me, he gets an erection when I do this and then I sometimes put my hand up the back of his shirt and stroke his back and I also stroke the front of his jeans which I know he likes because he holds on to me tighter and strokes my back and undoes my bra sometimes, and then I give him a handjob. :)

  • Guy's in your age range should be getting an erection just from starting to kiss you. The previous guy had to have an issue for him to not get hard by having you even just touch his penis, much less worry about how you were stroking it. Either he wasn't in to you, he felt guilty, he had been drinking too much or doing certain drugs or any other numerous reasons a young guy could have erectile dysfunction.

    • Are you kidding.....guys in his age range get an erection from a warm breeze.................!