How do I give my boyfriend an erection?

Ok I'm going out with this guy and I want to give him a handjob which I've done before, only the previous guy I did it to didn't get hard, so how do I give my boyfriend an erection when giving him a handjob cause I'm worried I won't be any good at it :S


Most Helpful Guy

  • Why are you worried, that was the problem of the previous guy. He must have had sex or must have masturbated before your handjob, that is why he wasn't getting hard. Did he ejaculate ? The other reason is that it could have possibly been due to his nervousness. This nervousness is called sexual anxiety. All boys do not have sexual anxiety.

    How will you describe your current guy ? Like, is he confident ? He will get erection faster if he doesn't have any sexual anxiety. Also, he will get hard if he hasn't had sex for some time.