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How can I make him bust a nut?? BJ advice!!!

So this guys has never came from a blowjob and he's the only guy that I couldn't get to come.. I'm told I give the best bjs, but this is a hard nut... Show More

Thanks for all the advice. I conquered him! it was totally awesome!

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  • Sounds like he's just really good at delaying orgasms to get you to go on forever! Or perhaps he's blowing a load before you meet him so that it takes a while to get off again.

    • Well I know he doesn't try to delay. The first two times we had sex he didn't bust a nut and we did it for hours.. He has mad endurance. He does masturbate daily, but he says he doesn't if he knows I'm coming over. Which I believe him. Either way, any suggestions?

    • Masturbating daily? when he has a woman that will fellate him for hours? Even if he's not doing it before he sees you he's definitely keeping his pool low. But yeah the sweet spot for guys is about two fingers below the head on the underside of the penis, If you can't get him working this spot then he's not human.

What Guys Said 4

  • hmmm tough. use a lotta tongue, some girls don't enough. use the hand too, and suck his balls a little, that helps. concentrate on the "sweet spot" a lot, like the head of his d*** and right under the head of his d***

  • Well i think you should try me if u make me bust thn u can make him

  • Its not your problem its his he needs to relax and let go. Good for him and especially for you if he keeps that up when you're having sex.

    But he's gonna have to make an effort to come when you give a him a BJ or else your jaws gonna hurt.

    • Oh it has... It has been so sore and my lips raw and my teeth would cut into my mouth.. lol... he's so damn worth it. But yeah, he better come tomorrow.

What Girls Said 1

  • Hey girl! My boyfriends loves when I give him head!! We haven't had sex.. just head/oral back and forth... he goes crazy when I suck his dick really fast and sloppy and wet while playing with his balls omg he goes wild!! Try that and when he bust keep going it's a weakness for guys!!

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