Why don't girls like to swallow?

Every time I get head, the girl always takes it out of her mouth when I'm about to cum. Why is that?


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  • because it tastes bad and it's just gross. would you want to swallow cum? I don't think so.


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  • I think some girls just don't like the taste, or don't like having something shot down their throat. I can understand that. It's an acquired taste. It's kind of uncomfortable at first, but you just gotta get used to it.

  • would YOU want to swallow? think about it...its sick.

    • Protein

    • There's less of a mess. You don't have to clean it up. I'd rather swallow than have someone shoot it in my hair, or on my face, or something.

    • I eat steak not pork.

  • Because it's uncomfortable, doesn't taste good. Just because you see it in porn doesn't mean we love it in real life. Just keep a towel ready and nut on that


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  • Why do you think that is?