My first HJ?

Ok so Sunday I was giving my first hj but it was in the guys pants and so yeah he said it hurt or something but I was being super gentle. Was it me or something wrong with him or the pants. And would it be rude to ask him to shave cause it grossed me out.


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  • Lots of variables here. He should be a master at jerking himself off so he needs to provide you more than just "it hurts" if he's going to give you any feedback. It could be the pants, lack of lube, or anything really. Asking him to shave is not rude so long as you approach it right. GOOD: It would be way hotter if you shaved. BAD: You need to shave your nasty self.

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      Haha! Yeah it was totally dry cause people could have walked in any second so yeah that could have been it. But I don't know if it's normal to ask a guy to shave.

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      How do you tell if they're circumsised or not?

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      If there is skin that covers the head (you can slide it back to uncover the head as well) then he is un-circumsized. If there is absolutely no skin covering the head then he is circumsized.