Do guys always get morning hard-on?

Do guys always get morning hard-on? How could it happen? Do you become aroused in the morning? Every morning?


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  • There is know hardcore explination for Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), or morning wood. The most commonly accepted theory is the nerves that control a man’s ability to have a reflex erection are located in the sacral nerves (S2-S4) of the spinal cord.[3] A full bladder is known to mildly stimulate nerves in the same region. This mild stimulus which during the day is normally suppressed in adult males by competing stimuli and other distractions, could during sleep with the absence of such factors instigate a reflex erection. Thisdoes not occure in men with ED and can happen up to 3 or more times a night.


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  • I always do, since I was like 12, I'm 24 now. I wish I had a girl everyday I can just wake up and fu ck, or just get a blowjob from her, but life is not always the way you want it.

    • For us guys, life is not always the way we want it, but for girls, they don't have to work as hard to get something, and I mean anything.

  • i can't explain why it happens but yes I get morningwood sometimes. it happens almost every morning. there are probably two or three days a week I don't wake up with it. :P

  • ok ok ok...

    first off...

    Do guys always get morning hard-on?

    No, not all the time.

    How could it happen?

    Several reasons, bladder does fill over night causing circulation restriction, it does get warm in bed causing more circulation, your laying down which causes the blood in your body to travel less of a distance and more centered to your core.

    Do you become aroused in the morning?

    sometimes... yes... frequently... very often... yes...

    Every morning?

    no, not every morning

  • i don't know the scientific reason, but its really annoying sometimes!


  • blood allocates to the penis during sleep. It's a male biological feature.


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  • Every guy I've been with always had a morning bonder.. I think it's because the bladder is full and stimulates them..