How gross is queefing?

Does it gross you out when a girl queffs after having sex?


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  • OMG! ITS SO EMBARRASSING. but with my man now I just laugh it off and so dose he! lol

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  • It's awkward. But, like most of the guys below said, it happens and it's not a big deal. Guys with a post-junior-high-school maturity level will think nothing of it.

    • Haha...well I guess that counts out my 28 year old boyfriend! ahha

  • Guys Don't care.

    Immature boys laugh.

    -What a queef?-

    A queef is a slang term for what happens when air that gets trapped up in the vagina gets squeezed out. Queefs are often associated with sex because penetration can push air up into the vagina. Because the vagina is closed in the back, the air has to escape from where it entered.

    Nothing to be embarrassed about, happen to every couple once an a while.


  • i agree with the other dude its funny to me too

  • Unless her butt is on or up against me, it's no big deal. Just don't queef on me when doing it doggy-style or if I'm eating out.

  • It's no big deal and to be frank it can be kind of funny.

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  • Most guys think its funny. Does it gross you out? For the girls, it can be a little weird at times. but if you been with someone for a while. The two just ignore it.

  • lol. its so funny. hahaahaha my man and me just laugh about it. that could mean he went so deep and he's great! lol so its a plus

  • this is rather embarrassing but what it queefing? I think I know what it is..but I'm just making sure..

    • When air comes out of your p**** and makes a farting noise...

  • Ugh it is so embarrassing! I try to avoid certain positions that usually tend to make me do it.