How long does it take a guy to climax/ejaculate?

My boyfriend takes like 20-25 minutes, he used to take like 5-10 and now he takes longer :S

Is this a good thing or does it mean he is not enjoying the sex/oral sex?


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  • It means he's getting used to it and his body is being "trained" so to speak. We have amazing bodies that adjust and train themselves to do things. Just like with weight lifting. We lift heavy weights, and the more we do it, the easier it gets. With sex, it doesn't take much at all the first time, but the more we do it, the more our body adjusts.


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  • He is just getting used to it that's all so turn off the usual and bust out with the hot and heavy new ideas and everything will be better

  • It's a combination of things. You're not as attractive to him because there's no mystery left, having pounded you so many times before, and also now he's used to your technique. So he is probably enjoying it less, it's bound to happen with time. It'll happen to you too, if it hasn't already. In the meantime, you could try busting out some kinky new shit to make it interesting again.

  • Hes definitely enjoying it, his body has just adapted to the euphoria of sex, you could try new positions, places but, he's probably feeling pretty good about his increase stamina, so don't worry

  • 5-10 is what it usually is in the beginning when the couple is still new together. But as the guy gets used to being with her, he lasts longer.

    I'm sure he is enjoying it. No need to worry.

  • When you start having sex with someone there is a certain nervousness and excitement that does tend to speed things along (sometimes way too much) but as you become more relaxed and comfortable with your partner things can take a little longer. It's got nothing to do with you and certainly doesn't mean he's enjoying himself any less

  • Again I'm in med training I'm not gay but when a female is having sex the vaginal area is much different after being slammed so many times

    A virgin vagina is tender and more enjoyable for both of you but the more times the girl has sex the more rough and scared on the inside of a vagina so when you guys first started out you were new? If so than that's why

    also if a guy masturbates before sex than it'll take him an extra 15 mins to make more sperm

  • Alcohol can make a dude last a long time: even as long as 1 hour.


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  • Were you the first girl he's done anything sexual with? That could be it--the newness of the situation is gone, and he's built up stamina, which is exactly what most girls want; usually, the longer he lasts, the longer the session, the more time for you to be "pleased" ;)

    Honestly though, you need to figure it out from him. Try to watch his face, the noises he's making, and his overall enthusiasm; these could be indicators. You could also ASK--it's hard and embarrassing the first time, but it ends up being totally worth it!

    • No I'm not his first, and he does enjoy it I can tell and he tells me, and he's all proud of himself that he's starting lasting so long, and yeah longer pleasure for me, but sometimes it takes so long and we both get tired or something

  • we started aving sex about 4 months ago, and when we av sex it takes him 5mins or even less. its amazing cause even if we do it 3 times a day he still cums so fast but it usually happens when I am on the top, maybe its just cause I get wet so fast and he says I'm so warm inside. but if he is ontop he takes about 8-10mins.