Does the guy feel anything when he wears a condom during having sex?

I'm just wondering if the guy feels anything while having sex while wearing a condom?


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  • We can feel it, but not as much. It makes for a bit of restrictions that makes sex a bit less fun such a creamy facials or giving a bj after he cums. Most condoms are lubricated with a thin gel that tastes terrible. Flavored condoms don't last long and are not as durable which means they break more often. Finally, when a man cums into his condom, you have to stop sex for a while to take it off, clean up and apply a new one. Real pain in the ass. A man with a good sex drive can go through about 4 condoms per sexual experience so it gets pricey after a good night of sex.


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  • Having had sex with and without condoms, I can definitely say that while I feel it with one, getting rid of it makes a tremendous difference. My girlfriend and I never use condoms. We tried it once just to see what it would be like since it had been a while since either of us had used and and we'd forgotten, and it just plain sucked. Ripped it off halfway through

  • Yes, I feel bored.

    Wearing the condom takes all of the sensation out of it for me. Putting a lot of energy into the motions can cause some friction, but also you risk the condom sliding off which defeats the purpose.

  • Yeah of course, how would we be ejaculating if we felt nothing? It's just a dulled sensation. Try masturbating through your jeans for the female equivalent.

    • Bad analogy, I still get it through the jeans... :)

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    • Haha I do to. Its funny how we do. Girls do get it more through clothing then guys. Haha

    • Well I think that's pretty much the analogy I was going for, that's what wearing a condom''s like.

      You still feel it, but there's a definite layer between you and the sensation.

  • He can feel a little, but not as much as he would like. The girl gets the friction, but not the guy.

    But if it's the only form of birth control you have at the moment, you need to use it.

  • Well I certainly can obviously there's more sensation bareback but not enough that you could call it a totally different experience and there are new condoms made from non-latex materials which can thinner and stronger

  • Not all that much, it depends on the kind of condom. Some condoms are thicker and some condoms are thinner.

  • Hardly.

    I can feel a little bit, but it's almost nothing.

    Natural - totally different story. BUT, don't do it unless you're on the pill & there's an adequate amount of trust between you and your partner.

    Pull-out method is no contraceptive.

    To feel more though, when the girl's on top, put some pelvic muscle into and help your girl out.

    You both will feel a little bit more.

    Good thing about not feeling a lot with the condom on is that you'll last longer.

    'Least I do.

    • Lol thank you, yeah don't mind I was just asking because I'm still a virgin n so if my bf most likely probably hurt me when we do have sex.i wanted to know if it be okay for him...would it hurt him too?

  • better without condom

  • Having sex while wearing a condom is boring period. Boring enough that I will not stick around for a girl who insists on them no matter how hot she is ( or thinks she is). I will however wait for a girl to get on birth control and we can get STD tests done before we jump into bed. And maybe that's a lot go through before having sex but it just goes to show just how boring sex with a condom really is. And girls who say things like your getting off so you must be feeling something are talking out their butt, we get off rubbing one out too but I'd rather actually have sex, and as far as I and most men are concerned, penetration with a condom on is not really sex.


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  • Typically, depending on the condom a guy can feel very little. A lot of people mistakingly wear the wrong size, if a condom is too tight it produces a numbing sensation around the penis that dulls the feeling of a woman's vagina. There are also different condoms available now that are said to be "revolutionary". Trojan Supra is a condom made of polyurethane material versus the commonly used latex condom. Polyurethane is a stronger, more durable material but despite the added security, its said to feel the closest to skin-to-skin contact that wearing a rubber can provide. This is because polyurethane material not only feels more like skin itself, but also transmits heat versus its distant latex relative that does not. Its new so it may be difficult to find, also it can cost slightly more than the average condom. But it is well worth the extra 3 bucks because you can enjoy sex more without having safety to take the backseat of priorities. Have Fun!

    Mango =]

  • Well, they get off don't they? They must feel something.

    Guys that say "Yeah but I don't like wearing one. ". How's an STD feel to ya?