How do I convince my girlfriend to give me a blowjob?

She prefers hand jobs but how do I get her to blow me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lmfaoo well I'm another one of you girlfriend. I prefer hj more then bj. The only way you can most likely make her do something like that is getting her in the mood and not forcing her too. I mean like when your told to do something or asked way to many times its a turn off for a chick well in my opinion because it makes em not wanna do it anymore. Start off with dry sex let her be which ever part she likes better top or bottom. Maybe talk of your top make off her top maybe unhook her bra, massage her. Kiss her unbutton your pants jeans or just put the pants down soo you see your boxers. Maybe start rubbing her in sensitive places. Shell probably start off with giving you a hj. N then move in with playing with it with her tongue and moving into a bj. N DONT push her down to start never ever. The girl knows what she's doing trust me and your love it.

    P. S I think the only reason why she doesn't wanna give you a bj is if you squirt in her mouth maybe if she does start giving you bj try not too.

    Good luck



Most Helpful Guy

  • If you would like her to give you a blow job, be ready to give her a lick job if she would like, and, being the man you do it first.

    Explain to her that spit is the perfect lubricant and it would be best for both of you. Blowjob is good for foreplay, but I think ejaculating in someone's mouth is simply sadistic.

    Some woman enjoy a lot to be dominated/controlled on the bed. Don't overly dominate/control her to the point that she would stop enjoy being dominated. Be gentle and subtle on her. Just ask. If she says no, don't ask again and again, or else she would never.