How do I convince my girlfriend to give me a blowjob?

She prefers hand jobs but how do I get her to blow me?


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  • Lmfaoo well I'm another one of you girlfriend. I prefer hj more then bj. The only way you can most likely make her do something like that is getting her in the mood and not forcing her too. I mean like when your told to do something or asked way to many times its a turn off for a chick well in my opinion because it makes em not wanna do it anymore. Start off with dry sex let her be which ever part she likes better top or bottom. Maybe talk of your top make off her top maybe unhook her bra, massage her. Kiss her unbutton your pants jeans or just put the pants down soo you see your boxers. Maybe start rubbing her in sensitive places. Shell probably start off with giving you a hj. N then move in with playing with it with her tongue and moving into a bj. N DONT push her down to start never ever. The girl knows what she's doing trust me and your love it.

    P. S I think the only reason why she doesn't wanna give you a bj is if you squirt in her mouth maybe if she does start giving you bj try not too.

    Good luck



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  • If you would like her to give you a blow job, be ready to give her a lick job if she would like, and, being the man you do it first.

    Explain to her that spit is the perfect lubricant and it would be best for both of you. Blowjob is good for foreplay, but I think ejaculating in someone's mouth is simply sadistic.

    Some woman enjoy a lot to be dominated/controlled on the bed. Don't overly dominate/control her to the point that she would stop enjoy being dominated. Be gentle and subtle on her. Just ask. If she says no, don't ask again and again, or else she would never.


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  • I wish you would have given more details about her blow job hang ups, it would be easier to help you. Although, I'm sure you've tried asking the basic, "Please babe, it feels so good, do it for me?" and other than that there's not much else you can do. If her issue is not knowing what to do, try reading a few blow job technique articles online together to make her feel comfortable. If her issue is with taste or the idea just seems gross to her, assure her that you won't ejaculate anywhere uncomfortable to her. Tell her that you would greatly appreciate it if she tried, and let her know that if at any point she is uncomfortable she can stop. But I wouldn't pressure her too much, that may cause a little resentment towards you on her end. You can only suggest up until a certain point but keep in mind and respect her feelings on the subject, and never force her to anything she isn't comfortable with.

    Good Luck

    Mango =]

  • Sorry, but you can't.

    All you can do is make it clear you'd find it really hot/sexy if she did, and try to be understanding of the reasons she might not want to. In the end, it is her decision whether or not she will do this. That said, assuming you keep yourself clean, I think it might be worth your time to figure out why she doesn't want to, because maybe it will help you and her work through her not wanting to, change her mind and get you blow jobs.

    Is it because she doesn't know how to do it? Is it because she is scared of swallowing? Is it because of she thinks it is a trashy thing to do? Did she have a bad expereince? If the two of you can be open about her reasons for being scared/disgusted etc, you might be able to explain away these reasons. Ex. If she doesn't want to swallow, letting her finish with her hand or telling her you'd still appreciate her giving you a blowjob even if she doesn't swallow might help. If she doesn't know what she's doing, (i personally think she needs to take the initiative and do some research) but maybe just your being aware of the fact she is learning might help (sexy lesson time! ). If she's up for watching porn, go for it. Also you could just see if she can slowly incorporate a little bit of tongue/mouth action into her blowjob (your appreciation might motivate her to try more) will make her gradually more confident.

    Seriously, I rather give bj than hj that is a personal preference, but I give hj too. So preferences you might not be able to change, but getting her comfortable with bjs might be a possibility. Start by communicating that you like them and finding out why she doesn't. You can't pressure her into it, but it is possible a little bit of conversation/(re)education might go a long way. Also worthwhile is figuring out where both of you stand concerning you going down on her. Because she might have phobias about that and that might be her reason for avoiding oral on you, or she might feel like you want a bj but aren't ready to reciprocate. Talk to her and find out about it. Just stay positive!

    Oh and this is a random afterthought because I don't want to make any assumptions about your relationship, but a bj is a lot more intimate than a hj and for some girls maybe more intimate than sex. So her not giving you bj might have to do with the stage of your relationship or whether or not you've both been tested for stds!

  • Hey man,

    I know WHY women give blow jobs and what makes them get down on their knees without having to ASK them, let alone BEG them for it and look like an idiot. The fact is that... if you have to ASK for a blow job, you are DEFINITELY on the wrong track with convincing this girl to go down on you. If you are having problems convincing your current girlfriend to give you a blow job, here are 3 things you need to do, in the following order. This may sound crazy to you, but, hey - whatever works!

    1. Figure her out

    The first thing you need to do if you want to get your girlfriend to give you blow jobs is to UNDERSTAND her. First, understand WHY she isn’t giving you a blow job RIGHT NOW? Is it because your d*** is FULL of hair, you never shave it and it smells like piss? If not, maybe it’s because the last time she gave you head, you RAMMED it down her throat like a lunatic and made her gag like insane? OR, she doesn’t see why would she give you a blow job if You never went down on HER? Maybe you are behaving like THE WOMAN in your relationship, instead of being THE MAN, so SHE is bossing You around, telling you what to do, how to do it, why to do it - while you are running around following her like a little homeless dog? Or maybe all this isn’t the case. Whatever it is - figure it out. You’ll never get your girlfriend to ENJOY giving you blow jobs if she doesn’t RESPECT You as a person and if she doesn’t view you as someone valuable to her.

    2. Being ABOVE

    A blow job is about SUBMISSION. She submits to You. She goes down, sucks your balls, licks them, kisses them, sucks on your d*** and takes your load with pride ( or not, yet ). Whatever it is, she is in a position where she submits to you, in these moments, you are her God. She needs to FEEL comfortable in this position and she needs to be OK with submitting herself sexually to you. Letting go, and letting you “take her” in bed. The only way this can happens is if you are psychologically ABOVE her in your relationship. Basically, if you’re “the boss” of your relationship, she’ll be comfortable with submitting herself to You and giving you a blow job. How do you that? Get her to respect you. And learn how to say “no.” You have to be ready to lose her. Basically, she needs to love you more than you love her. If You love her more than she loves you, she’ll have the power in the relationship. The emotional power over you.

    3. Figure yourself out

    The third thing you need to do to get her to give you blow jobs more often is to figure out WHO You are and what do you WANT in life. When you are lost in space, you have no power, thus, you won’t be attractive to her. Do whatever you can to feel more self confident. For some guys, that’s having more money, freedom, a higher social status... but all that isn’t as important as your ATTITUDE and your way of thinking.

    If you wan to learn how to get a blow job from your girlfriend, go and read Jack's Blowjob Persuasion - link

  • well with my ex he wanted me to do it to him i wanted to but i never did cause he asked all the time and every time id get ready to surprise him and do it he'd tell me to do it then id say no...or if we were making out he'd push my head down lol not a turn on so just let her do it on her own!

  • Slap the f***ing sh*t out of her and let her know that if she doesn't blow you, you are going to REALLY hurt her.


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  • There is a new thing on getting blowjobs, it could be interesting ---> link

  • Give her time. If she doesn't want to, then that's her decision. Why makes someone do something they don't want to do?

    • Lol, oh Jarett always so short but to the point! =]

      Mango =]

    • Lol well why beat around the bush. I'm sure most guys would disagree with me. But I answer truthfully, not to win friends, lol.

    • gieve her time lol OK this guy is broke or has no car or a college degree haaa I have all that I listed and my girl brought her best friend once over she was in vacation we all got wasted and they both gave me head at the same time bitch if you ain't got no game you ain't getting no head and yea I'm posting this while driving in hw101 san jose

  • As far as convincing her, you can't. All you can do is nicely tell her that you would love it if she would do it for you. Then maybe one day she will offer to give one, eventually.

  • I have a relationship from distance, not many months.. When we see each other and had sex, i tried to get a bj (gently! not pushing her etc), she said she doesn't like it, and i didn't bring it up again. But recieving a bj its a great feeling and pleasure for men.. She doesn't like to talk much about sex, when we are not close, so its hard to discuss about that and let me know... My d** balls are always shaved, she never tried to blow me, in order me to be violent or something.. I love going down for her, she's loves that too, and enjoying it much as i see...
    So what am i thinking of doing? Next time we'll be together, i'll try to talk to her.. Let her know why men like it, that i would appreciate if she would do that, and try to find out why she doesn't like it.. Thinks that its disgusting? Had a bad experience? But whatever happens, i'll end up that if she doesn't want to do that its ok. If she does that, then its fine. I'll give her time, dont bring it up again for a while, but letting her know that i love it. Thoughts?

  • How long have you been seeing this girl?

  • It really is up to your girlfriend if she wants to give you a bj or not. Just like other things in life, you can't force it upon her. If it really means a lot to you and you're wanting it badly, put in some effort to get her into the mood. If you just want it out of a whim or just a quickie type of thing, I'm just going to have to say, "that's just too bad. " If there is more to this than just your girlfriend not liking it rather than not knowing how or being ashamed, like the anonymous user said she can read up on these things.

  • Be very clean, like I mean just out of the shower, well groomed, let her know that it would really turn you on and don't finish the job in her mouth, you have to work up to that, and you better be taking care of her orally. Good Luck

  • Well part of it is getting your girlfriend to understand WHY you would love a blow job in the first place. It's important for girls to understand that guys aren't necessarily asshole, that asking for a blow job is completely normal.

    Here's a good article for women to understand why men love blow jobs:


  • If you ask, you won't receive.

  • Dump her and find someone who is worth it. If she doesn't do it just because she cares enough for you to make you feel good then find someone who enjoys fulfilling your needs

  • If she doesn't want to, she isn't going to. Don't force her. Remember, she isn't a porn star, and probably doesn't want to get any of your "man seed" in her mouth. The majority of girls just think that's nasty, and I don't blame them.