What are girls expected to do while being fingered?

when a guy is fingering u... how is a girl expected to act? (just moaning? or what!?!?!) what would a guy like to see from a girl while he's fingering her? what are girls supposed to do besides enjoy it?

there's nothing specific you can do? I mean wouldn't it be a little awkward if he was just sitting there watching you enjoy it?

and another question... how long does a guy normally finger you for anyways?


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  • When I usually do it I'm kissing the girl when I finger her. Not just the lips but also on her neck and her chest and anywhere else I can move to without moving my hands. I usually base how well I'm doing off of the girl's reaction so if she's moaning a lot then I know I'm doing a good job.

    The amount of time it takes depends on the stamina of the girl and also on the experience of the guy. I know I've done it with a girl who hasn't had any fun in a while and I knew what I was doing and I finished her in less than 10 minutes, but I've also done it for more than 30 minutes on a day where I just couldn't do anything right and she's got some stamina to her. It all depends.


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  • It would be nice if he was working on your G spot while you worked on your clit. A little help is always appreciated and might make for a spectacular orgasm. :)

  • Nah He Does Enjoy Just Listening To You Enjoy It And Indeed Squirming :D

    And Agan He Will Finger You Until You Orgasm Or Until He Gets Hand Cramps lol

  • Yea You Just Enjoy It, Guys Only Do It Because They Want You To Enjoy It, Unless They're Self Centered And Want The Favor Returned, But Moanings Good... Turns Me On Anyways lol

  • well if possible orgasm that will make our job complete.

  • Just act as pleased as possible it turns guys on. You can talk sexy to them but other then that nothing.

  • Personally, I love whatever reaction I can get out of her. The moaning and squirming under me is a pretty big turn on to me. Just act however you want to act, just be natural.


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  • sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride?