What are girls expected to do while being fingered?

when a guy is fingering u... how is a girl expected to act? (just moaning? or what!?!?!) what would a guy like to see from a girl while he's fingering her? what are girls supposed to do besides enjoy it?

there's nothing specific you can do? I mean wouldn't it be a little awkward if he was just sitting there watching you enjoy it?

and another question... how long does a guy normally finger you for anyways?


Most Helpful Guy

  • When I usually do it I'm kissing the girl when I finger her. Not just the lips but also on her neck and her chest and anywhere else I can move to without moving my hands. I usually base how well I'm doing off of the girl's reaction so if she's moaning a lot then I know I'm doing a good job.

    The amount of time it takes depends on the stamina of the girl and also on the experience of the guy. I know I've done it with a girl who hasn't had any fun in a while and I knew what I was doing and I finished her in less than 10 minutes, but I've also done it for more than 30 minutes on a day where I just couldn't do anything right and she's got some stamina to her. It all depends.