Guys-do you like giving rim jobs?

when eating a girl out do you do it just to give her pleasure, or because you like it?


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  • I do it because I love it. Not like, LOVE; turning her on turns me on.

    I'll give her the full spit, buff, and polish. Now that the rims are done, how about I detail the rest of the car? I promise I’ll be thorough.

    MY opinion, not yours.



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  • Never go from but to vagina by the way when doing rim jobs it can give you infections just saying

  • Both, its a turn on for the guy because its seen as taboo, and its a turn on for the girl obviously cause it feels good, there's more nerve endings there than there are in the clit ;)

    • It's considered taboo? Say's who? I feel it's almost mandatory, if a girl is going to take 25-35 minutes and a guy is only going to take 10-12 on average, you better believe she deserves a warm-up. Just image how sexually frustrated you would be if you never climaxed.

    • Do you know what a rim job is? Its not the normal form of oral sex... its proper name is analingus... licking of the bum basically. I totally agree that giving oral in the standard form is mandatory, but this is something that most girls are a bit apprehensive of at first, but love once they try it.

  • I really enjoying giving a rim job but I won't do it unless it's requested by the girl/guy. Rimming is nice and feels nice when done right.

  • if she wants

  • I absolutely adore licking a womans arsehole (or any other part of her) but rimming is the best

    I'd spend all day there if I could its a combination od warmth, scent. heat .taste and the sheer damn wickedness of it

  • always to give her pleasure and lick her ass to feel appreciated

  • I do it because I love it. I also want to give her pleasure but I enjoy it. I love the feel of my tongue on her raosebud and her getting hotter and moaning and shivering from the orgasm she gets. I miss that because I am not in a relationship now. edspecial_mail at yahoo


  • Love to rim a girl. I love doing it and it makes her wild. Haven't done it in a while. Last girlfriend didn't like it. Told her she didn't know what she was missing.

  • For me, I'm very lucky. My girlfriend loves receiving oral and enjoys being rimmed; she doesn't like doing it but it's not an issue as I go down on her more often. For the last 18 months of 2 years I've rimmed her every time I go down on her and neither of us can imagine me not doing it to her.

    I've done it to lovers in the past and I guess they enjoyed it but it makes it more enjoyable knowing my girlfriend is expecting me to do it and looking forward to it now!


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