Girls - mound down there ?

When I was younger I used to be really embarrassed when swimming thinking it was not right for a girl to have anything sticking out, like a mound

... I obviously don't have a penis but even now I think its too big.. in underwear or bathing suit

am I alone in this?


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  • I have that problem also,had and still have it,but I'm 16.I think I'll just get surgery when I turn 18,that area is called Mons Pubis and I think there's like a "liposuction" they can do,so I think I'm gonna get that

    • My question?Uh,what question?

      And I don't like it,am I supposed to love everything about my body?No,but there are certain things you can do to change things you don't like

    • Ummm I am curious as to how protruding that is to make it so noticeable Evangelina? I have seen your question before and I have done some image searching and even look at myself and still don't know how could that area be so noticeable to any onlooker? maybe I just haven't found a picture that would give an idea of what you really mean by being too "showy" but anyways, I think you are being too self conscious hun...

    • If that was the case,Lady gaga and every other celeb would not be called "guys" for having it

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  • What do you mean by mound? are you talking about the inner lips sticking out a bit or what? when you say mound are you referring to how you look "in front side" or "bottom side" ? with bikini on... any visual you can give us?

    • Well I don't think that is TOO noticeable.... everyone has a mound in there, its just a little different for everyone. I don't think guys pay attention to it anyways....

    • In the front, not lips..

  • OMG!...I used to think like that...haha I seriously thought I was the only one that used to think of that...

    I just kinda did some weird experiments a size smaller underwear, boy cut spanky panties, skirts with stripes, skinny jeans.

    It's just a phase we all, some of us anyway, sometimes go through. =)

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    I don't know about what a woman thinks on this subject, but from my prospective, I love a woman’s features and figure in all its wonderful forms.

    If it really makes you feel that uncomfortable I'm sure there are subtle ways to hide it. Maybe an extra thick bikini bottom? I don't know. I'm sure there are some girls out there that can come up with some better ideas of how to hide it then I can.

    MY opinion, not yours.


    • I have to say I love how you always sa MY opinion, not yours lol. Too many people bitch each other out on this site over differences of such a simple opinion.

  • I know it's hard to change how you feel about it but don't do anything about it. it is a sign of your femininity and in my opinion is pretty sexy :-).

  • I know what you're talking about. I've seen it on many women of all ages. I'm sure it looks much bigger to you than it does to others, because you're seeing it from an angle that makes it look like it's sticking out further than it is. Also, since it's your body, and you want it to be perfect, anything that looks off to you is probably a hundred times worse in your eyes than in anybody else's. Guys can have very similar mounds, in addition to what the actual penis looks like through a tight bathing suit or underwear. In fact, our stuff technically sticks out of a kind of depression in that mound, originating from the fact that as our genitalia differentiated in the womb, it actually grew out of nascent female parts. This is readily apparent when we're infants, and becomes almost completely hidden by the time we reach adulthood.

  • There's now way that any guy could really tell unless you had a pic of you in a bathing suit.