My boyfriend wants to eat me out?

okay me and my boy been dating for a month and 2 weeks and he told me he'd love me and I said it back because I got feelings for him, he's my first boyfriend lol my first at everything too.

Recently, he ask me what would I say if he was to ask me can he eat me out, I was like OMG ask me later and he said when, I said ask me on your birthday. and he that's not to far and I said yeah it's not, but he respect my decision but the truth is I kinda want him too but I am too scared he might not like it ~down~ there and not like me no more, so the question is, how do you know if you taste good down there?


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  • First off, you are a girl, you already naturally taste good to most guys. There are some ways you can screw up your natural taste, but I'm going to assume you're not excessively drinking, a chain smoker, or doing hard drugs. Chances are, you will taste amazing and you will love it and he will want to do it again.

    And it's ok to act a little shy, it builds the excitement, take it from a male. ;)

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  • Take it from a guy's perspective: you almost never should turn down free head. The person down there wants to be there, and is doing you a kindness.

  • From my experience, as long as you practice good hygiene you should have nothing to worry about. Trust me, if he's that gung ho to do it nothing but good things can result. Just make sure you're ready for it so you can actually enjoy the experience. If you're REALLY curious you can always try tasting yourself the next time you're pleasuring yourself.

  • Next time you are fingering yourself, take a moment and do a sniff and taste test. Other than that, when the time approaches, shave it clean, avoid orgasms for a few days, and wash it off as near to tongue time as possible. If you do those things, he will be quite happy, and you will be pleased beyond anything you ever imagined.

  • The only way to know how you taste is to taste yourself!

    Each girl tastes/smells different. But if you practice good hygiene, it won't taste/smell bad.

  • As long as you shower regularly, I'm sure he'll like your taste. I've never tasted a girl I didn't like, because I think men are hardwired to enjoy your natural taste. Since it sounds like he really wants to do it, I don't think you have to worry that he won't enjoy it.

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  • sweetie if I were you I wouldn't do it just yet its seems a little sudden doesn't it? and if you are nervous about it chances are you aren't ready yet you really can't develop those kinds of feelings for someone you've only been dating for a month its just puppy love and he is your first bf! and you said yourself you're inexperienced so why not take it slow and wait till you are certain you are ready and will have no second thoughts about it the way it sounds to me he is just wanting you for the sexual contact I've been dating my guy for two years we love each other deeply but we have yet to do oral. hope I helped!

  • lol! sorry but really