Is it ok for a 34 year old woman to be sleeping with a 18 year old guy?

Is it ok? I have been seeing/sleeping with this guy that is a friend of my daughters and I understand its a bit different but is it really that wrong? Just to add he has given me the best sex I have ever had in my life


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wrong as in illegally? No. its legal but wrong as in experienced reasons, yes. He is a child that just passed the bar of being an adult. he can't even go to clubs yet nor drink at that fact. He's mindset is total naive to yours although he may be mature for his age such as intelligence but is he mature as the knowledge of life as you would be at your age? No. The fact that you can manipulate him because he does not know what you are doing is wrong. Him being young like that cannot handle a breakup from an experienced woman like you because you captivate his mind on so many levels.

    1. He is excited to even be sleeping with a full-fledged woman.

    2. Your more experienced in bed and can teach him things more than a girl his age can or even wants to.

    3. Your more established than he is and he knows that.

    4. Its something different to him

    5. He feels like a real man because he's doing it with his friend's mom

    All the reasons can really get to a young boy's head. Your way too much woman for him and it doesn't matter if it is just sex, someone may develop feelings and it may be him and when you are young like that, it seems like the end of the world when things don't go right. He may get you pregnant and you know that he is not in any position at his age to take care of no baby or even should have to have that responsibility at his age.

    Overall, Its like you are sleeping with your son, so inexperienced, so innocent, and naive. He's not even fully developed yet. At your age, you could control him if you wanted too and you know that. That is what makes it wrong cause it can be hard for him to let you go when it is time.