Is it wrong of me to not want my boyfriend to jerk off?

Is it wrong of me to not want my boyfriend to jerk off? I told him I really didn't want him to jerk off because I'm always willing to give him one... Show More

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  • I asked my boyfriend the same thing! He and I have been together for several years. The whole porn and masturbation thing never bothered me until last year. I found a ton of hardcore porn on his computer and my heart hit the bottom of my stomach. I also notice that on the days he masturbated he didn't want to make love, and if we did do it, it wouldn't last very long. We took it one step at a time. First, I asked if he could please cut back on the porn because it was really starting to bother me. Then, I asked if he would just come to me whenever he was feeling the urge to masturbate and I would do whatever he wanted. Yeah, sometimes I'm not always home when he really wants to do it, but he told me he either thinks of me or looks at one of my pictures. So, I can't complain about that. :) He may even wait until I get home. It just really depends on his mood and when I'll be home. LOL

    I think a lot of girls wonder the same thing. I know I've had lots of conversations with several of my girl friends about this topic. Most of them pretty much agree and are on the same page as I am. I don't think you are being too uptight. You just need to talk with your boyfriend and tell him how you feel about it.

    • Exactly right :).

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    • We'll for almost all men that do masturbate, it is the addiction of the P*rnography . For some it can be just the addiction to the rush from an orgasum. A p*rn addiction is one of the toughest to break and they will deny it everytime. (i know i did and im still not over it!) The only thing you can do is talk to him about the p*rn , and maybe even get serious about the consequences if he doesn't get with you instead of the computer.

    • On point!! Work through it together!