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Girl fetishes?

i know all of the most popular guys fetishes...now how about you girls any big fetishes? what turns you on?

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  • i have a major thing for guys who can ride horses. but I don't think that's considered a fetish.

    • It is if it turns you on.

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    • Yeah, I have a thing for cowboys, too :]

    • Lol, not cowboys. proper English riders with a top hat, jacket and tall boots. lol, yeah, maybe it is a fetish. I like gentlemen like Mr. Darcy =D

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  • Lingerie!WaterGender-bending men (like hairless or wearing girl clothes)More lingerie!

  • idk if these are fetishes but ill just say what turn me onsome one eating me outme in control (but I only like being in control of dudes that act all hard lol)getting my hair pulledYella bones and this one sexy ass Asian dudeand I think this is the weirdest one but guy on guy lol

    • Yella bones?

    • Light skin black dudes

  • Hm I'm retarded so I don't really know what to consider a fettish, buuut I can tell you what turns me on...I like my hair pulledmy ass slapped... hard hahammm being tied up and blindfoldedbreathing in my earand my lip bitten

  • I love when a guy pulls my hair, or when I get my ass slapped really hard, also when a guy nibbles on my ear and the one of my weird fettishes is being choked.

  • I have a cum fetish huge loads of it.

  • these may seem weird buuuuut here are some things that'll make me almost instantly horny:the smell of bar soapand awesome beat on the double bass pedal for drumstrees

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