Do guys like pink vaginas?

It seems they like them over the darker ones, like they always compliment girls with pinker ones. I'm just wondering, like mine is pink, but I wonder what guys find fascinating about them?

Actually some are darker so don't be a smartass until you know you are right.

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  • Since when do guys go around complimenting girls on their vaginas...? I really doubt they care much about that at all.

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  • All Vagina's are pink.Vulva's,Labia Minora and Labia Majora are what vary in size,shape,color and etc.Learn your anatomy before speaking

    • No,Vaginas are inside sherlock.You are obviously ignorant about the female anatomy.Vulva and vagina are different.Vagina is inside,all vaginas are pink.Labia minora and majora and the vagina also differ.i'm not being a smarta*s,i'm correcting you

    • I asked my gyno.Whatever are you a doctor?

  • Evangelina is right actually.I'm a medical student studying to be a Ob-Gyn and the vagina is separate from Labia Minora(Which is what you're referring to I'm assuming) and the vulva.But to guys,a vagina is a vagina.Vaginas are pink.They are in the inside(don't wanna get all medical using medical terms)