Do guys like pink vaginas?

It seems they like them over the darker ones, like they always compliment girls with pinker ones. I'm just wondering, like mine is pink, but I wonder what guys find fascinating about them?

Actually some are darker so don't be a smartass until you know you are right.


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  • Vagina = Vagina

  • guys like all vaginas

  • i think I like yours...



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  • All Vagina's are pink.

    Vulva's,Labia Minora and Labia Majora are what vary in size,shape,color and etc.

    Learn your anatomy before speaking

    • No,Vaginas are inside sherlock.You are obviously ignorant about the female anatomy.Vulva and vagina are different.

      Vagina is inside,all vaginas are pink.

      Labia minora and majora and the vagina also differ.i'm not being a smarta*s,i'm correcting you

    • I asked my gyno.

      Whatever are you a doctor?

  • Evangelina is right actually.I'm a medical student studying to be a Ob-Gyn and the vagina is separate from Labia Minora(Which is what you're referring to I'm assuming) and the vulva.

    But to guys,a vagina is a vagina.

    Vaginas are pink.They are in the inside(don't wanna get all medical using medical terms)