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Should my wife and I experiment with another couple?

My wife and I have talked about the possibility of having same room sex with another couple which happens to be friends of ours. Nothing swingerish... Show More

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  • My friends did this. They were super drunk and they each had sex with there man about six inches from each other. They all loved it. They weren't checking the other couple out or getting involved in their sexual activities at all. It doesn't bug any of them now. It's not like they actually did anything wrong, they just had sex in the same room with another couple. Watching and being watched is pretty hot. I think as long as the four of you stick to your own relationships and don't mingle into the other relationship you'll be fine.

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  • If you've talked openly about it enough, then I think you're set! It's not really a huge deal - it means people watching you have sex (sort of) and you watching them. It will change your friendship, but only for the better, closer. If you end up not enjoying it, then it just becomes a footnote in your friendship history.

  • I agree and I think that you should go for it if that's what you all want to do but make sure everyone is comfortable with it (you should ask everyone separately how they feel about it because one might say their comfortable because they don't want to be the prude one) and yea make sure its kept a secret because you never know.

  • I've never done that so I wouldn't know. But I do know people who have done it and they definitely regretted it, and I know people who still do it. I personally think that it sounds kind of crazy and if you have children and they found out I don't think they would ever look at you like normal parents. It could be good for you but I think you should keep it a secret and your friends should to. I don't think your friendship will be the same at all if do still even stay friends after this.

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  • You guys seem to know exactly what you're doing. You've talked it out, you've set some ground rules, you're all good communicators.There's really nothing to say but: have fun!

  • My wife and I did this numerous times. One couple we did this with was her cousin and boyfriend. It worked out well for us. We didn't have any problems with them afterward. They did later break up, but that was going to happen anyways.

  • everyone gets jealous I'm guessing this is what will happenone person will not be able to stop looking at another person then their spouse will get jealous and it depends on the person on how the spouse will deal with the other person having sticky eyesget it?

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