Should my wife and I experiment with another couple?

My wife and I have talked about the possibility of having same room sex with another couple which happens to be friends of ours. Nothing swingerish just couples with couples just openly in the same place.

We have all four talked at times about it came up with some rules and everyone seems to feel comfortable with the situation. I know people say to not do this with friends but I think it would actually make everyone feel more at ease.

we both have a very open relationship with one another. Neither ever get jealous from flirting, dancing, etc with other people. And talk 100% open with one another. We have a very good marriage and I don't want to do anything we will regret, but then again I don't want to miss out on trying new experiences. Any feedback?


Most Helpful Girl

  • My friends did this. They were super drunk and they each had sex with there man about six inches from each other. They all loved it. They weren't checking the other couple out or getting involved in their sexual activities at all. It doesn't bug any of them now. It's not like they actually did anything wrong, they just had sex in the same room with another couple. Watching and being watched is pretty hot. I think as long as the four of you stick to your own relationships and don't mingle into the other relationship you'll be fine.