My Boyfriend wants to go down on me, but I'm insecure about it?

My boyfriend told me he really wants to go down on me,and I've never been given oral sex(but I give him oral).But idk, I'm scared of how I'll smell or taste.I shave,and I'm bare and I already told him about this,and he said if it'll help me relax,we can both take a shower before to get us in the mood.But I just keep worrying about how I'll taste and smell.He says it's ok and that he wants to do it and he wants to taste and smell me,but,idk.Advice?


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  • You have no need to be scared. You should be getting ready for pleasure, not displeasure. If your boyfriend really wants to go down on you then please let him and let him do the worrying rather than you. Just relax and stop worrying. You just need to let him have you, respond in such a way that he knows you're enjoying it, and let him turn you on as much as he wants. I'm sure he'll enjoy your smell and taste like no other. Just be your unique self and be glad you have a boyfriend that gets pleasure from wanting to please you so much that way. Don't let yourself be confused into thinking that guys don't like doing that because they do. Since you give him oral then let him do the same to you and think of yourself as the best smelling and tastiest girl on the planet, ok? lol!

  • Why you want to miss out on what might be a great pleasure and experience is beyond me. Your boyfriend obviously is crazy about you, and wants to please you. So why deny him the satisfaction? I guarantee you that more than likely you'll smell and taste heavenly to him because of his feelings for you. That's just how it usually is.

  • I wouldn't worry too much about it as most guys I know (me included) are really turned on by the taste and smell of a vagina. If it makes you feel more comfortable then taking a shower just before may be a good idea. As long as you practice good hygiene, you'll smell and taste good to him even without the shower. I actually like to go down on my girlfriend when she's not expecting it since I love her natural taste and smell.

  • I'm in your boyfriend's spot on this one. I would love to go down on my girlfriend who's really insecure about it but won't tell me why.

    What would make you more comfortable letting him go down on you? Maybe that could help me convince my girl... ;-)

    The shower advice is good. He could even go down on you in the shower if that gets you going... but the water doesn't really let you say wet so it takes a little more energy.

  • You're kind of intimate with him in some ways just now, so just let it progress to him going down on you naturally. As with almost every other response, it sounds like he really wants to do it. Just relax and let him take his time. If you enjoy it, you'll probably start to become a bit addicted to it.

    Lots of us guys really do love going down on a girl, me included. It's delicious, not a taste you can really describe because it's tied into the intimacy of doing it but it's pretty fantastic. Over time I'd bet you'll come to love it!

    Good luck

  • Unless you shower unusually rarely or have a disease, you smell normal and he'll love it. In my experience, most women are worried about that and most women stop worrying about it for the most part when they see how turned on he gets by doing it.

  • First off, you should only do what you're comfortable with when it comes to sex. That being said, if you're worried about smell and taste, just take a shower and make sure you haven't urinated at least 30 min before he goes down on you. That should take care of those 2 problems. Enjoy the experience with him!


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  • I've never had a problem with a guy not liking how I was, showered or not, my boyfriend especially. He seems to prefer me being natural just how I happen to be at the moment he goes down on me. No preparation is necessary other than you practicing normal hygiene habits. No guy has ever asked if I just showered or not, and it seems like when it happened the most unexpectedly was when he enjoyed it the most and he gave me the most intense orgasms. I like what nickiw1992 said so well because it's so true, "Guys naturally like the smell and taste of a vagina" so just let him enjoy it the way you are. You were smart to shave and be bare for him but that's all that's needed. .

    • Girls have two "scents":

      1. Clean girl, and

      2. Clean girl at the end of the day.

      I've never been with a girl who I didn't LOVE going down on. You are spot on cuteflirtygirl.

    • Great response!

    • Dan_i_am: I never thanked you for your comment. thanks. :-] same for curious ed. lol!

  • Guys naturally like the smell and taste of a vagina.

    As long as you aren't all sweaty throughout the day, you'll be fine.

    The shower should make you worry even less lol.

    If you're in the moment your boyfriend won't even be paying attention to these things.

    Just have fun and be confident, it's your boyfriend :)

    • Shower first, and here's a secret...don't eat any foods that would give you bad breath- ie; onions, garlic, etc., within 24 hrs. It is released in our bodily (vaginal) fluids...just like a mans. Drink pineapple juice or other fruit juices that day and you'll be fine. Roll your eyes back in your head and enjoy!

    • I think nickiw1992 said it about right: "Guys naturally like the smell and taste of a vagina." As long as you aren't all sweaty throughout the day, you'll be fine". . . and what cuteflirtygirl said: "No preparation is necessary other than you practicing normal hygiene habits." I personally like it best the way she happens to be like is so well said here.

  • Okay I had the exact same worries as you do the first time my boyfriend went down on me. Thing is most guys I know find it a turn on . The shower thing is a good idea before it though to make you feel more comfortable . Although I would probably wax rather than shave. To be honest he will be probably too caught up in trying to please you than thinking about how you taste or smell. so don't worry .