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Girls: Do you really get wet "down there" around a guy that you like?

Just by being around him? Like what are some instances or things that happen to make you get wet down there? I mean what does it take for it to... Show More

I mean I only ask because, if there's a girl I really like, I don't like get hard when I'm around her or anything, but sometimes I'll start thinking about her, and not even in a sexual way, I just think about her, and I'll get "wet..." Any ideas?

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  • I do, but I get wet really easily...

What Girls Said 12

  • no he has to at least touch me to make me wet.

  • No...I usually have to be watching something or reading something which turns me on a LOT to get that aroused...I can get turned on around a guy I like though but never to the stage where I react...biologically X-D xxxxx

  • Yes it happens, mostly thinking about physical action or his scent or his body gets that happening. When I know my partner is on the way over I get so "wet" I have to "dry" myself multiple times before he arrives . . .

  • I typically don't get wet from just seeing him lol. if I think about something we could do together or just fantasize about later then I def will. It depends, every girl is different. personally and emotional or mental stimulation is just as powerful as physical. watching something, reading or just thinking can all cause me to get wet

  • Idk LOL

  • I do it usually is because I love him to the fullest amount there is :) he's luck I say LOL

  • No I would not get wet from just being around a guy I liked. I would need some touching.

  • yes because you imagine what turn on stuff the guy can be doing to you.

  • i generally don't at all, to that I can notice anyway, weird huh. I guess I must do when it comes to him doing stuff to me I just don't notice

  • lol I did one time, I was on a date with my boyfriend and we was hugging and I got wet o.0...i guess because I can feel something in his jeans and it wasn't no flashlight lol

  • not typically...unless I allow my mind and my eyes to wonder too long. however, as soon as anything even remotely sensual starts then I definitely do.

What Guys Said 1

  • Um if you do a lot of meditation or yoga, you may be able to feel the sexual energy transferring from you to your girl and you are getting a hard on and she is getting wet. Happens to me all the time whenever I'm sitting next to a girl. I have to tell myself not to feel it sometimes. But what iI have is rare, most women and men in relationships never feel so naturally attracted like that to one another.

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