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Why do guys always say Asian women don't shave?

it's very annoying. obviously the assholes who say this aren't gonna get laid. why do you guys assume we aren't shaven?

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  • Last time I checked, I was a guy. And the words 'Asian women don't shave' have never passed my lips. Maybe they're just assholes and know you aren't going to have sex with them anyway, so why not p*ss you off? Apparently it works.

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  • I've heard a lot of silly sh*t over the years, and this is my first time hearing this. Who do you hang around with?

  • I don't recall any of my guy friends saying this or pointing this out. Maybe it's a minority in your area. Or just idiots. Who knows.

  • In porn, particularly Japanese, MOST of them don't shave their bush. I'm not sure why they don't do that, probably a culture thing. Asian women outside of porn are different, but I'm not one to ask every one of them if they are "bare" or not. Americanized Asians shave though. My own experiences with women have been mixed: hairy and shaved. Unfortunately, all the Asian women I have banged were hired. Older women don't shave while the younger ones generally do.

    Simple generalization

  • i would assume, mostly from porn...but in my experience all Asian girls I've seen shave. so its just some closed minded people that think that way or just assume that its like that.

    I've found that you can never assume something like that until you see it. I have to say though that an Asian girl that is shaved, looks really good.

  • Because they watch too much fob (fresh off the boat ) porn. It seems that the girls who are from Asia (live there) who get put into porn are hairy, thus the misconception.

  • What that girl said down is true the one they do it even not all of them , and its just disgusting

  • This question is basically on everyone’s mind because there is hardly any Asian woman, who shaves their genital area, completely different in the aspect of western women. The modern age has made many changes but some things are there like a tradition, non shaving is one of them, and it is being continued from ages; however fashion conscious any Asian woman may be, you will hardly find anyone who clear region between their legs. This may be questioning or surprising to many people but if you see the reasons from their point of view, the causes are quite obvious to be followed by them.

    First of all, the female genital area is very sensitive and greatly responsive to even a little bit of discomfort or pain, due to the dense number of nerves and reflex tissues are present there, so in attempt of shaving, there is quite a bit risk of cutting or bleeding as woman are not accustomed to any kind of shaving unlike men. So it bears a great deal of fear and embarrassment for the lady if she cuts herself while shaving in the vital region, apart from the pain it will cause, the thought of this problem prevents them from shaving in any way possible.

    To remove hair, waxing is a good technique; women are comfortable with the idea of plucking hair or waxing from unwanted body parts like eyebrow or face but it inflicts pain for them. As far as the genital part is concerned, that is one of the most sensitive body parts which are nearly impossible to remove hair from by waxing or plucking as the process will be extremely painful. Chemical ingredients also not used by Asian girls from the fear of infection or bad odor.

    And even if they remove by shaving or any way possible, it again feels pain when the hair grows back, hurts continuously and to prevent that she has to shave regularly like many western woman does, but the process is time consuming and most troubling for which no Asian woman want to try it.

    So apart from the time and trouble it taken to clean up their pubic hair, Asian woman find it typically weird to shave up her genital as there is no such tradition among them and it goes against their ritual to do so. Again, shaving makes them uncomfortable and uneasy regardless if her sexual partner wants it badly, she feel its weird to fulfill this demand of him for these necessary reasons. So you have to see through her eye why it is difficult to find any Asian woman with clean shaved private part that is described here with the reasons from their personal point of view.

    So guys, next time you judge the Asian girl that you are married to or dating, think about her feelings first before you ask her to shave ‘em off all. Do not let your mind manipulate just because you have seen lots of nude pictures of Asian girl without hair online. Remember, they are models and doing it for money. The girl you are with is natural and is not doing it for money. Women take their privacy seriously so be very careful how you approach them. If you seriously want them to shave.

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  • Because in Porn... they are not shaven! They have like a bush in there so that's where they get that idea from ... they are just generalizing! which is wrong I guess...

  • because "a lot" (not all) of native Asian women don't shave. They naturally don't grow that much hair and don't really shave. Usually, only more Americanized Asian women shave/wax.

    • Can I get best answer...?

    • They grow a lot of hair down there... but usually not on arms or legs.

    • Then you American women look like gorillas? you know asian women don't have as much hair as you do, besides, don't answer if you got nothing to say......

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