Turned off by saggy balls

i slept with this guy I've been dating for the first time. the problem is when we have sex doggy style his balls keeps making against me hard and its a turn off. I never had a guy with such droopy balls. I don't know what to do. I like him but I always get turned off when I feel his balls smacking into me. do any other girls get turned off by this?

he's a really nice guy. I don't want to leave him just cause of his saggy balls, lol. maybe I will get use to the feeling. I might try getting on top and riding him next time. we haven't tried that position yet. so maybe that will help 4 now.


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  • Turn down the temperature in the room and his testicles will magically start to retract closer to his body.


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  • Simple solution is stay away from doggy position. There are so many others to try!

  • It might be really warm or something. They change to either keep the sperm warm or cool based on the temperature.

  • The solution is simple: castrate him

  • tell him to shave his balls so they don't tickle you.

    • Its not the hair that's bothering me. its the smacking of the balls. it just grosses me out.

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    • Since its getting chilly outside I'll just make sure all my windows are open next time he comes over, lol.

    • C that's what I'm talking about,,,, a girl that has a head on her shoulders , good luck!

  • I get sagging balls too, but there's a supplement I have taken and recently started a web site for that stops my sagging. He might be as turned off by them as you are? Check it out at somalabexperiment.com


    Hi guys if any of you are suffering from saggy testicles/loose scrotum, you are about to get a cure.

    Its actually pretty simple, whatsoever has happened is only due to your mistakes. I can bet you must be using trimmers or razors on your testicles, this leads to loose and thin skin of testicles. This should never be done, but the reason you are here is that you hae done it and most of you have done it plenty of times, so the cure to this is first of all stop using trimmers and razors on your balls.

    Firstly, Use a hair removal cream to remove hair, if you have hair down ther do it right now, but make sure they are about at least 1inch.

    Secondly, after removing hair wait for 24 hours and use fullers earth(also known as multani mitti), make its paste with water and apply to your scrotum and penis, it will take abot half an hour to dry and after it has dried keep it on for another 20 minutes, you may have to stand for this or you may even sit. The basic thing is you are paste should not get removed. Remove the paste with cold water and don’t use soap. This will tighten and thicken your skin. Again apply fullers earth(multani mitti) after 8hours(approx) and remove it again with cold water without using soap. Now your skin is tight, little thick and finally its dry.

    Now afte removing fullers earth for the second time apply a cream who has an infredient retinol or retinly palmitate or vitamin A. Any one of these ingredients will work and they are most commonly found in anti-aging creams.

    Apply this cream after bath in morning and before bedtime and don’t use a soap on your testicles while bathing. Wash your testicles with any grade1 soap or dove only two times a week.

    Keep applying this cream for 15 to 20 days.

    Your problem has been reduced, but you might be having like 5% of this problem remaining which can be cured by doing all above procedure again but after like 30 or 35 days(basically the time needed hair to grow back to 1inch or more ). NEVER EVER USE A TRIMMER OR RAZOR DOWN THERE.

    Now the important thing is you must wear a good and supportive underwear like briefs or supporters. I know you Have a long penis and that is the reason your testicles are not supported, so just bend your penisby that much that your tesicles are supported.

    Mastuberate anly once in two weeks in starting and later you can move to once in a a week. Try not to mastuberate with your hands because we are grown ups and our hands are enough powerful to damage our veins, you can use sextoy or a cellphone pouch cover. Don’t have sex for 2 months. You should be fine. Have a diet rich in zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin A ans whet protein

    This is MAXX CONNEL saying b-bye and have a healthy life. If you want any help you can contact me on maxxconnel1@gmail.com

  • I dont kknow dropped balls is problem realy or no

  • girl you must be kidding or something, sagging huge heavy balls are the way to go, they say how much of a man your guy is! :D would you prefer tiny tight white boyyish looking balls instead? I think you just need more experience and you'll eventually start to love that! trust me

    • Im just not use to it. it feels weird. I slept with other guys before and have never had this problem. I guess his are bigger then I'm use too. I've only slept with him twice so I was a little uncomfortable anyway sleeping with someone new. the big balls didn't make it any easier. I will try 1 more time. hopefully I won't get turned off.

    • lol I know this is a bit old, but any news on the matter?

    • any news on the matter? :) did it work out between you two

  • Leave the saggy balls alone! Life happens.


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  • I'm a virgin, but I don't think that would turn me off...There's really nothing you can do about it except find a new boyfriend.

    • I don't really get why people are disagreeing with me...you can't change a guy's balls, you just have to accept them the way they are. Even if you did turn down the temperature in the room, his body would most likely heat up from the sex, and they would sag again.

    • There probably giving you a thumbs down cause your a virgin. so you can't really know what were talking about... the feeling anyway.

  • LMAO I had this experience once...and trust me the more sex you start to have with this individual his balls will come closer to his body. They get heavy because they are full, hence they sag. Awesome when your giving head you can play with them more and have more of them in your mouth, but it gets better. Try other positions in the meantime.

  • thats how my boyfriend is hahaha I thought it was weird at first but you'll start to like it

  • Put an ice pack up against his balls and they'll magically stop being so saggy (for a few minutes anyway). Just don't tell him I told you to do it.

  • Depends on how saggy his balls are. It happened to me before and I was thinking like wtf is that ?! That guy wasn't good in bed either It was more like just "get it over with sex" than "I want more" But I'm say its not a turn on to me :] haha

    • Lol, that's how I felt like "just get it over with"

  • That always turned me on.