Uncircumcised - Do you find it gross? Why?

I don't care telling people my d*** isn't cut...Why? Because it's normal!

Did you know if a guy keeps the hood on he increases pleasure (by a lot from what I gather..but that's just objective). Oh and decreases the risk of STDs (not by a lot by hey...a little help doesn't hurt).

Cleanliness? Shouldn't be a problem if they take a shower every day.

On a final note it doesn't even look any different from a cut one when it's all the way hard (mine anyways...there ARE exceptions)

So my question is why does it gross you out?


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  • Women who are insecure about their sexuality probably find that "un-natural" because they are probably used to all the textbook diagrams of penis's looking a certain way. Women need to be more knowledgeable of what a real d*** looks like.

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  • I prefer uncut actually.

    Easier to grab a hold of, no lubes or lotions needed. The foreskin is fun to play with.

  • Ok, if the tool is charged, you can't even notice it! That's such a weird question to ask on my opinion. Circumcised or not there's no difference. It just depends on making sure it's being cleaned!

  • it doesn't gross me out, it just doesn't turn me on. My boyfriends d*ck turns me on, his is cut. therefore un-cut doesn't.. I don't think it's a problem because I don't plan on having sex with anyone else, but if for some reason we do break up and I start dating again, I will keep an open mind =)

  • Uncircumcised increases the risk of STDs, not the other way around. It particularly raises risk of

    HPV. If girls don't want cervical cancer they should avoid uncut guys.


    If you read the article you'll also notice that circumcision also reduces the rate of penile cancer, something I'm sure any guy would want.

    • You're right about me having my facts wrong... After reading though I feel like my 5% increase in a chance to contract some kind of disease means nothing if I continue my safe practices.

      I believe preventing STDs should involve education on various safe habits and preventitive measures. Not mandatory genetial mutilation. And yes..You're removing the most sensitive part of a males genitals.

      I do find your article interesting though.

    • Actually, to avoid cervical cancer, don't have sex with men who have HPV. If he's not infected, then you won't catch it either. Cut or not.

    • Well yeah, obviously. My point was that there's a greater chance that he's infected (with anything) if he's uncut.

  • no I like it that way much better its much cleaner.

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  • Circumcision amounts to ritual genital mutilation. Not so good.

    • In Europe it's purely religious. I never read a religious statement from the US advocating it.

      Concerning Christianism: Acts 15; Galatians 2:1-3; 5:1-11; 6:11-16; 1 Corinthians 7:17-20; Colossians 2:8-12; Philippians 3:1-3.

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    • In the USA its far from just a religious thing. Somehow the vast majority of americans became uncircumcised due to propoganda..25 years ago it was 90%+ of WHITE males (hispanics, most europeans, indians etc didn't practice it)..Today I heard it's closer to 50% (my mom works in labor and delivery)

    • I am going to look these scriptures up! I have never read them! thanks

  • A buddy of mine was not circumcised as a kid, but found sex uncut painful as an adult. He opted to get circumcised after he was married and it greatly improved his sex life. I guess everyone is different and there is no one answer.

    • I've heard of that happening...Must suck

  • as far as I know uncut is the natural way and the way it should be. that's how we where created so what's wrong with it? All my friends are uncut and its all normal. Not gross at all

  • This probably sounds stupid but I have no idea what the difference is. what exactly is cut?

    • Like the foreskin is cut off when a guy is a baby. its called a circumsision, I don't know if I spelt it right . its usually for religous purposes, like if a guy is Jewish