What does it mean when a guy suddenly holds you close to him really tight during sex?

Recently I gave into a guy that I have been going back and forth with on a friends with interest level for a few years. During the act he pulled me close to him really tight and began kissing me. What does it mean when a guy holds you that tight during sex?

It kinda irritated me but I'm not sure if maybe he just got caught in the moment.

I pretty much understand the kiss. I think I'm lost to him pulling my close so tightly and not letting go.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It may mean that his wants to do more than just F*CK! Some people call it romance and intimacy which most women really enjoy compared to just banging bodies. I like to hold my women close to me but not squeeze them in two.

    If all you like to do is just lay there then tell him. Personally, I like kissing, hugging, foreplay and touching before, during and after sex but each to their own.