I want to know how I can turn my man on when he is tired....

Of course we have sex quit often, but when I'm in the mood a little more than he is, he is most of the time tired...


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  • When he arrives home, let him take a nice hot shower, then take a nap. After an hour of two, wake him with a bj.


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  • If he's really tired not much will help, except a big cup of strong coffee. After that you can deploy your charms.

  • try doing something unusual or something that turns him on , maybe he has some kind of fetish , like myself I always find certain body piercings or tattoos really sexy , maybe there is something he finds really sexy and once you know what it is could turn him on easier .

  • After a long day I like when my wife sets up some candles and offers me a back massage. It helps me relax, de-stress, and be able to think about her.

    Also try mixing it up and go at it in the morning before he is tired out from the day.

  • A massage is very effective IMO. Might seem strange given that its meant to relax and unwind you, but if done right then he won't be able to resist anything else but sex!

    Or another good technique that usually 'wakes' me up is when I'm having a shower and the girl joins you...again he won't be able to resist it (Either in the shower or afterwards!)

    The best thing that ever got me out of my daze and confusion when I was tired once, was coming home to see my girl just waiting in my room dressed in this amazing Agent Provocateur lingerie that she had invested in. Blew my mind!


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  • At a time when he is not tired, ask him what would get him going if you are in the mood and he isn't. I personally have masturbated while my guy watches. He often wants to join in after watching.