Do guys like big butts?

Does guys like a girl with a big butt?

and if they do, then why?


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  • I think this is kind of a stupid question considering how many songs out there talk about how they like women with big butts.

    Me personally, I like em too but its gotta be solid, not fatty. I don't know why, that's like asking why is space black instead of white.

    Guys HATE that stick figure thing that runway models have, ask any guy and they'll say they'd rather have a woman with curves, the classic hourglass. Hips, chest, and butt gotta be bigger than the waist, and it doesn't matter if she's thick overall as long as she's got that hourglass thing going on. Guys go ga-ga for that.

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What Guys Said 13

  • Not too big(meaning fat) but not bony and flat is how I like butts.

  • I like a girl with some what a butt, nothing too big. I like my women to have some curves.

  • Well. Some like the big juicy ones. Some like the opposite.

    I don't really care. As a matter of fact. I don't like bigger butts.

    I'm into smaller butts. But I'm not a butt man so it really doesn't matter.


  • Butts well I personally like a well built butt like that kind that goes to the gym and works out so its not flubbery and jello like but its not bony hard and flat either so a nice firm butt is my thing I just like the way it feels

  • Depends not sure but for one I love BIG BUTTS ! and 99% of my boys do has well.

    did that hawser your question.Has men love it , if so one says they don't there's something wrong.

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What Girls Said 2

  • No guy likes a girl with a "secretary ass" (one that spreads out and covers the chair) but with some flesh to it.

  • As a women who loves women. I LOVE girls with big asses! The bigger the better! Definitely J-Lo style or bigger. But of course a nice waist (she doesn't have to be super skinny in the waist or anything, just small enough to make the ass pop out! ). I can't deal with no-ass or muscular ass. What's up with that? You need to grab on to something back there! Bottom line. Big asses are hot!