If a brother and sister both happily consent to sex with each other.....

And they also always use condoms, would it still bother you?

And yes they are both of legal age as well


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  • WHAT THE HELL IS WITH PEOPLE GETTING CONFUSED ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH YOUR SIBLINGS! Or any relative for that matter. You don't have god damn sex with your mother, father, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin! Any I've missed!? It's so f***ed up. Get you head on straight people.

    • Actually it's still legal in a number of countries and states to marry your cousin.

      Chance for genetic problem from 2 strangers - 4%

      Chance for genetic problem from 2 cousins - 6-8%

      And that's first cousins. 2nd cousins and onwards is virtually the same. Marrying cousins is loosing "popularity", but it's still done a bit and there's not really that many a issue behind it. Einstien did, so did Darwin.

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    • Why is it sick? It's legal, it's genetically pretty much the same (having a baby at 40 is FAR MORE likely to cause issues then having a baby with your cousin). So, why is there a problem? Just because YOU personally wouldn't want to do it, why is it "SICK" and "DAMN MORALS"? Cousin marriages have existed for years. Hell even in Gone With The Wind!

    • You clearly can't be reasoned with. Do what you want.

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  • it would only bother me if I knew about it, and I can't imagine why I would ever know about a brother and sister doing this? lol it's not like I ask every person I meet if they f*ck their sibling. and it would only bother me by grossing me out for a split second, after that I really could give 2 sh*ts what other people do... I have my own life with my own problems, I don't waste my time worrying about other peoples.

    • Precisely. Who cares what people do?

  • yes

  • Ewwwwwwww

  • I smell a TROLL

    • Lol, just for asking a controversial question, I'm a troll. ok. How about this? If they are both responsible and consenting adults and understand any risks involved, does it really matter?

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    • And finally, no I am not sleeping with any of my siblings nor do I want to because I'm not attracted to them. That's really all it comes down to, is attraction. I simply don't see any harm between two consenting responsible adults that happen to be siblings have sex with each other and also always use condoms.

      And just to be clear. I think 'inbreeding' is wrong. but consensual incest is ok in my book.

    • It is an unhealthy attachment to engage in sexual activities as kids,of course,i've heard of little kids(cousins or siblings) engaging experimenting with each other(not that I'm defending such behaviors)

      I was not taught it was wrong,i go by what I believe,not what others try to force down my throat,i actually became interested in learning more about siblings who do such(no I did not engage) but I watched documentaries and stil have no reason to believe it is right either

  • this guy just wants to get a rise out of people and probably wants to get off on your reactions so don't this guy much thought.

    • Nope this is a serious question

  • GROSS.

    • What's gross about it?

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    • "Anyone with a healthy mentality would not have sex with their sibling."

      And if it happens they aren't 'mentally unhealthy?' That they can go one each day normally with an upbeat attitude?

    • Also if the condom breaks and she get pregnant the baby will have birth defects because the DNA will copy over and give you a baby which is birth defected =(

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  • She'll probably slap your face (an hit much more) if you try

    • But they are consenting. Absolutely no forcing involved at all. And they respect if they refuse each other for any reason.

    • Stop dreaming...

  • That depends on their age: if the youngest is adult, I wouldn't care.

  • Why do you keep asking this question, its wrong simple as that.

    • But why is it wrong. You guys keep on saying that with no reason.

    • By wrong I mean morally wrong from a religious perspective. Also its no a good idea because babies between siblings have a much higher likelihood of defects. Example the royal family of England almost all have sickle cell anemia because of their imbreeding. All in all its just not a good idea, but if you put yourself on the same level as dogs, then go for it.

  • No, not at all, so long as both happily consent and are fully aware of what they are doing, then I see nothing wrong with it, in fact it can be a highly loving amazing experience that can not be matched with a non related relationship.

  • No. I've read several stoyies where they build a strong relationsip off of it. I wouldn't mind doing so myself honesly

  • Alright. I'm going to do this anonymously for reasons that will become clear. Please read to the END before replying with OMG GROSS!

    I got my sister pregnant.

    Details. One, she's not actually my sister. She's the 1/2 sister of my 1/2 sister. (No blood relation at all). Two, she's a lesbian. Three, she (and her partner) wanted a child (with my sister carrying). Four, IVF is really expensive.

    With all that in mind, my sister asked me (and my GF) about 2 years ago would I be willing to be a sperm donor and also would I be willing to do it in the 'traditional' sense. The sperm donor part made sense (Know the father, no legal issues in the future, known medical background, child can 'meet' father as 'uncle' before hand and so on). The arguement for method was a tricky one, with me feeling the most unconfortable about it. However, at the end of the day, we all (my GF, my 'sis' and her partner).

    Joanne was born on 8th May 2010.

    Perhaps not kinky, but defiantly unusual. Also, it's not a huge secret. The immediate family know. We're actually in discussions now about a potential sibling.

    • I should say, this is a copy and paste from a similar question. There is a line missing, which is "However, at the end of the day, we all (my GF, my 'sis' aner her partner) agreeded that the cost was to extreme to avoid 'weirdness'."

      As for a sibling. We (same group) have decided to try for another starting mid january next year (lines up with work).

  • Dr laura says its normal...

  • I think you and your sister should get married and make sweet sweet love. You could get in on all night long. If you want to know my opinion its kinda messed up. As long as you don't develop any major psychological problems you should be alright. Have you ever thought about f*cking one of your cousins maybe they are available. Don't forget about your mom. some people are just too weird!

  • Its frowned upon because its genetically wrong. People are programmed to try to spread out their genes, so that theirs is the predominant ones. If its only spread to a family member, then the mission isn't completed, the genes only get mixed up and no new chance for mutation.

    On a more personal sense, I don't think its wrong for two consenting adults to have sex.

    • Thinking about it from another point of view, it also effects the bonds of family and all that jazz. Family is supposedly the one thing you can always rely on, and it wouldn't be a good idea to mess with it.