If a brother and sister both happily consent to sex with each other.....

And they also always use condoms, would it still bother you?

And yes they are both of legal age as well


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  • WHAT THE HELL IS WITH PEOPLE GETTING CONFUSED ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH YOUR SIBLINGS! Or any relative for that matter. You don't have god damn sex with your mother, father, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin! Any I've missed!? It's so f***ed up. Get you head on straight people.

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      Actually it's still legal in a number of countries and states to marry your cousin.

      Chance for genetic problem from 2 strangers - 4%

      Chance for genetic problem from 2 cousins - 6-8%

      And that's first cousins. 2nd cousins and onwards is virtually the same. Marrying cousins is loosing "popularity", but it's still done a bit and there's not really that many a issue behind it. Einstien did, so did Darwin.

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      Why is it sick? It's legal, it's genetically pretty much the same (having a baby at 40 is FAR MORE likely to cause issues then having a baby with your cousin). So, why is there a problem? Just because YOU personally wouldn't want to do it, why is it "SICK" and "DAMN MORALS"? Cousin marriages have existed for years. Hell even in Gone With The Wind!

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      You clearly can't be reasoned with. Do what you want.