Why is it that a majority of African American/Latino guys like girls with big a**es?

I am a slim girl with a butt that sticks out. I get a lot of attention because of it and my pretty face. But however, I notice a lot of African-American/Latino men also like girls that are sloppy looking, they don't care how sloppy they are as long as they have a big ass. (It could have dimples and all sorts of sh*t) but as long as she can make it clap and it looks good in jeans, they're good with that.


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  • That's not all true,some men like big breasted butter faces like her: link I believe it's culture,both Afro and Latin cultures have a diet of high fat,sodium and starchy foods which leads to weight gain. Black and Latin women are naturally more curvaceous than other races so when the butt gets bigger it gets more attention. Next comes dancing,ryhthm is a huge part of both cultures and our dance styles have a lot of hip movement,then sex,combine a big butt with ryhthm and you're always gonna wonder what sex would be like from the back or her on top. A big jiggly booty would feel better in those positions than a flat ass,no man would deny that!

    As a black man I admit that I am more attracted to big booties than big breasts,but neither can be fake or freakishly large. I would be more sexually attracted to these two women: link

    link than I would be this overrated woman: link

    Not all black and latin men go crazy over big booty women,no disrespect but I'm not asking you where you're from or for pix or nothing so it's not always a big butt that attracts us.