Choking during oral... my boyfriend thinks it's hot when I choke?

so I get self conscious when I give my boyfriend oral; I can deepthroat, but I sometimes choke and I get really embarrassed - but he tells me he thinks its hot... do most other guys think it's hot too?


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  • mostly in porns girls are always choking when they give oral. so maybe that's why he likes it. also it makes a guy feel like his d*** is really big that's why you choke on it.


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  • If your boyfriend thinks it's hot when you choke while giving him a boyfriend it's because he watches porn a lot, and if that's the case then he's kinda forgotten what's normal and what's not to the point that he gets turned on to stupid stuff like that now. If you still like choking once in awhile when you deep throat him that's fine because that's up to you. It has absolutely nothing to do with giving a great bj. So no, I don't find it hot when a girl chokes when giving oral because isn't choking something that's not comfortable and what usually leads to puking? It's like saying that a guy finds it hot when a girl hurts when having sex because it's like she's a virgin. A normal isn't suppose to get turned on when his girl hurts trying to pleasure him.

    • It's a little arrogant of you to judge what people should or shouldn't find attractive while having sex. you shouldn't be judging this guy, saying he only gets turned on to stupid stuff because he watches porn. Choking or gagging can be just as pleasing to a guy's ears as when a girl moans during sex. They both add to our ego because it feels like our penis is big. I don't watch porn at all and I find it extremely hot when a girl gags on my d*** or even talks to me with my d*** in her mouth.

    • Then you're not normal. I can tell I wrote that fast by the typos I made. But no, because most guys would wonder what was going on down there if their girl was choking. They'd be more like, "Omgggg I hope she doesn't start not liking doing that." Choking signifies rough play and often dangerous play. Talking with your d*ck in your mouth is not choking. Choking is always unplanned. I'd say you have a weird sense of enjoyment if you enjoy a girl choking on your d*ck.

  • No, and neither does your boyfriend. What he means to say is that he really loves the effort, that the fact that you want him in your throat is really appealing to him. The choking part is just a side-effect. He doesn't really want you to be uncomfortable.

  • Definitely hot and yes it does show that extra little effort. Try using some Vick's chloraseptic spray like ten minutes before hand that will basically numb your throat a little and you should loose the gag reflex.

  • yeah its really hot

  • It's really hot, IF you don't get self-concious about it. It can be a turn on because it shows us you're really trying to take it all in. Also, it can help you drool and give a sloppier BJ, which is also a turn on. The wetter the better. So, don't be embarassed, just keep going and stay focused. It's really sexy.

    • Ok lol I was kind of thinking that was why he liked it

  • yes


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