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Do girls check out guys' packages through their pants much like guys check out the boobs and butt?

Do girls check out guys' packages through their pants much like guys check out the boobs and butt? Also, have you ever been caught doing it?

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  • Yeah, I sometimes find myself looking at a man's zipper wondering what potential lies hidden in it.I mean, you can't really see a guy's junk through jeans, sweat pants sure. Bike shorts...hell yeah.I've yet to be caught, I tend to catch myself when I do the zipper looking deal for fear that it might cause embarrassment.

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  • i don't. I don't know about most girls though.

  • I don't. It's not like it's noticeable the way a girl's curves are.

  • I do. I can't help it. I am sure I have been caught but I am not like super obvious about it :)

  • Behavioural tests that I've read about show most women do whenever they meet a guy.The eyes just naturally scan the 'key' parts & the crotch area a number of times. I certainly do. Quite consciously.face crotch arse.Oh how I wish guys wore tighter pants.I would so appreciate their consideration. Have I been caught out?Oh yes.Am I embarrassed? No way.I look the guy straight in the eye with a knowing smile & give him a blatant eye flash or a wink

  • I have been caught - 1. At a wedding during a dance, I backed away and looked straight at what was poking at me.2. At work once, I had been going over some paperwork with a colleague and we were standing pretty close together. After he put the paper work at his side, I went to take a second look at one of the sheets and noticed (I couldn't help it!@) a large erection sticking out of the front of his pants. He knew I saw, and I think he was embarrassed. As for checking out guys' packages? Not usually, since there's really not much to see if they are wearing underwear and regular sized pants. I might subconsciously but not on purpose.

  • I agree with clovergirl94. The occasional glance but it's not exactly "amazing" because we can't see much.

  • really not..

  • ya especially swimming ;)

  • Yeah, there's the occasional glance, for sure. But I don't think we look as much as guys check out a girl boobs and butt, because you guys can see more. We can't see through the pants ;)

  • sometimes yes

  • never been caught...YET! LOL!

  • I'll have conversations with guys and sometimes I'll glance or stare at their package. I don't know why though. Even if it isn't noticeable I still know what's in their pants.

  • yeah...can't really see anything beyond the zipper... but every once in awhile my eyes wonder there. lol.

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  • Not from what I've heard. Maybe a casual glance. But definitely nowhere near as much as a man would look at boobs.

  • I think girls check out asses more than anything considering its not as noticeable to see a penis bulging unless the guy is trying to make it noticeable or is considerably large.

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