Do girls like being spanked or being called naughty?

I've always wondered if girls like it when your smack their butts or when you call them bad or naughty girls or when you make a sudden move. Not just a regular move but a move like layin on them in the bed of a truck?


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  • Quick answer, I LOVE being spanked! As far as the "sudden move" thing, a little spontaneity is always good as long as it's not too early in the relationship for that exact kind of situation. ;-)


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  • I've never had anyone call me naughty during the act so I dunno if I'd like that or not, but spanking is goood! lol love it!

    • I mean spanking as in like in the hallways

    • Oh in public it's different, I don't like it then. It makes me feel cheapened and embarrassed.

  • It depends on the mood I'm in really. But not matter what I love when a guy is spontaneous and makes a quick move it's a total turn on.


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  • What you do will follow you, don't do anything that makes you think later, "Maybe I shouldn't have done that. " You no right at that moment. If he doesn't think enough about you to treat you like a lady. Maybe you're out with the wrong guy.

    • Ok dude you got this all wrong I'm a guy and I'm wondering if chicks like it when you do that

    • Don't be so quick to judge, mikej7230. The only thing this kid is confused about is that all chicks don't like one thing or the other. He needs to get to know his chick. Some like it, some don't.