Girls, make out session - do you like top or bottom?

When you are making out (not making love), do you like to be on top or bottom?


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  • Sometimes I like to be on bottom because I like to be dominated. And sometimes I like to be on top because I know he likes me to be the one dominating and in control. And yes I am talking about making out lol


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  • I prefer bottom, but sometimes my guy will suddenly initiate a switch and that can be pretty arousing too. I like the feeling that he is overpowering me when he is on top, though if I am feeling rough, I will take the lead and hold him down instead. ;)

  • I love being under him. He has such big and strong arms and I love it when he just take advantage of me :D

    I do like to take over and be on top of him. I'm petite so when I suddenly get aggressive by switching places, apparently it turns him on more. Haha! Men.

  • I personally like to be on the bottom during a make out session. Shows how much he really is into me from that I get the signal to flip flop.

  • I love being on the bottom. But its fun to switch from time to time

  • I like to be on bottom

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  • Men like women on top because it is truly a pleasurable site to see. Easier access to her boobs and kisses. In addition, with her on top, you can't say all she did was just lay there!