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Taking a guy's virginity?

My boyfriend has been waiting until he's met the right person to lose his virginity and he's decided that he really wants me to be that person. He... Show More

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  • I think by "special" he means that he wants it to be safe and secluded. Like, he has a lot of trust in you. And he is probably just been thinking about like, what kind of protection and where, and how he would perform. So I guess, just kind of say things that might help him relax and not feel down about his performance in any way, and try to guide him, and talk to him and communicate, so he doesn't feel like what he is doing is wrong or anything, lol. Like, you know what you like and what you're doing so talk to him about it a little bit before hand, and get his perspective, and try to understand where he's coming from. But he probably doesn't want any kind of scare(like a bun in the oven), so talk to him about keeping it safe.

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  • Well at his age, he probably won't have a specific preference on positions yet, because he doesn't know what it's like yet. He'll eventually figure out what he likes, though.

    As far as special is concerned, there are many things that could mean. He might just mean that he wants it to be a place that is nice, and private away from others. Maybe think about asking him where it is that he would be comfortable going.

    If he's a little intimidated at first, that will pass. No worries. ;-). Good luck to you, and have fun.

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  • How old are you ? how old is he...

    • I'm 17 and he's 18.

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