Ladies, have you ever slept with a guy just because he had a big penis?

A girl I know was telling me a story about kind of hooking up with a guy just because she'd heard he had a really big penis and she wanted to "try it out." Is this common?


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  • You better not tell that girl how big a horse penis is, then she might raid a barn in the middle of the night


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  • Lol, nope sorry! :o)

  • Nope, but all of my friends are always asking me if its true that black men have big penises (my ex was or Caribbean descent) and a one of them is determined to sleep with a black guy now cos I told her it was true :S Lol women are nuts, get used to it...

    Mind you, I bet men would be the same if they heard a girl gave particularly amazing head...


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  • I'd just like to chip in and say that I wouldn't go after some single girl just because some guy said she had a really tight pussy, because all I'd really pick up from that statement would be the thought that this guy already had his junk in there.

  • As long as they're sluts then its common.

    • Don't know how big you are, buddy, but I'm a fair bit bigger than average, and it doesn't help me get laid.

    • Look at how may girls Ron Jeremy had sex with. You just need to get a reputation.

  • it's not common, but it happened to me once.