If a guy goes down on you and does not ask you to go down on him does he like you?

where do I begin I met this guy online about 2 months ago since then we have been texting talking on the phone sometimes and met up twice the third time we were about to do some things and he went down on me and it felt so good so right idk? felt like we were making love and he sexually caressed me slowly as I did him and it was so good and he gave me oral sex from the front and the back and didn't even ask me to go down on him does he like me that's my question


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  • It could mean that he likes you. It could also mean that he's part of the Muffin Munchers Association. A secret organization of men who enjoy giving oral to women as the their greatest pleasure in sex!

    Don't take that too seriously, I'm made that up...

    I've hired several Canadian sex workers just to eat them with nothing else in return. Believe me, I have a blast doing that. If I were better looking, younger and our culture was much more open about sexuality; I would ask women just to give oral more often. Reality being what it is...

    I'd say, just enjoy the pleasure. Perhaps he's really really good. I myself am ranked #4 in the Nation's Top 25 Muffin Divers! HAHAHAHAHA



    Ok, I think you get the idea :P


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  • Well, not that it was unpleasant or anything, but more detail than was required for the question. Are you really asking a question or are you just trying to spin a few guys up? Well it worked, lol. Now to answer your question, a gentleman will not ask. Oral sex is something that a good guy will not force on a girl, he wants you to give it freely. Personally I think that it was bad form for you to not have reciprocated. If he did not like you then I do not think he would have gone downtown in the first place. Do not take a giver like that for granted, toss the guy a bone, so to speak. Good luck.

  • Considering a number of questions on this site make it appear the average man does not practice oral sex, I would say he is in love with you. I love oral and give it all the time and it doesn't matter if I get it in return. I love eating at the Y.

    No greater love a man can have for a woman than to go down and explore her sweet spot. That is reserved for true men. What man wouldn't want her sanctuary resting on his face?

    This man is not sexually inhibited. Sounds like he wants to please. So please enjoy.


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  • Well I wouldn't take one sexual experience with a man to mean that he likes you. Some guys can have sex without actually liking the woman too much. I think the closest thing to reality is that he is a really good guy to have in bed, because he thought of your needs before his own. I hope you did go down on him in return as well, because thinking of your lover's pleasure is key to a great relationship in and out of the bedroom.