Is my wife no longer interested? Not attracted to me?

Ok, this is my first time on this. I'm 40 my wife 30. My wife and I have together for about 6 years, married for 4. We're great friends but like every relationship sex was great at first. As we matured in our relationship I started to realize that she really didn't like some of the things we were... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • She's not comfortable with herself, why? She thinks she's not desirable and she feels unattractive. Solution? Make her feel attractive. Compliment her on everything about her body in a very sexual dirty manner. You have to do this, that's your problem right, that's what sex is all about. Make her feel like she's the hottest girl on the planet. And then give it to her like an untamed lion. She should feel comfortable then. Also, if she feels ugly or overweight, get a gym membership and get yourself in shape, ask her if she wants to go too. That should boost her confidence even more if she looks better physically. Yeah, you give her flowers and you COOK her DINNER, that dinner is probably the problem, cook healthier so she can lose weight and feel good again. You can't be fryin up pork chops and chicken and expect her to feel good. She asks you if you want to have sex because she doesn't know if you want to have sex with her. Make it clear, don't let her ask, go wild like a raging beast, let her know how fine she is, and tear that ass up! It's full proof.