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How do Girls Taste?

Hey guys. Just a curiosity of mine: How many of you like the taste of your girl? Can you describe the tastes?

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  • My ladies taste has a light sweet flavor,the best way I describe her taste is Honeydew,no bullsh*t! She doesn't smoke or drink,rarely eats junk food,no red meat. She drinks a lot of water and eats lots of green vegetables. Mainly,cucumbers,parsley,spinach and celery,she finds a way to snack on those throughout the day. And for fruits she only eats,watermelon,strawberries and kiwis. What you eat,you secrete.

    • That's great to hear...I've been worried that I may taste bad to my boyfriend so I've been avoiding oral..but I was still afraid that he may have snuck a taste with his fingers anyway. Knowing that a girl tastes like honeydew with a diet similar to mine is a very comforting thought.

    • Glad I could help! If he sticks his tongue in you as deep as he can go,than he loves your taste. That's a sure way to tell,he can taste you better that way. Plus tongue penetration puts a strain on your mouth kinda quick so if he does that than he's really enjoying your juices,be happy.

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  • I love my girl's taste and go down on her almost every time we're together because her smell and taste are such a turn-on. I would describe the taste as sweet. As long as you shower regularly (doesn't necessarily need to be right before he goes down on you), I wouldn't worry too much about your taste. He'll like it.

  • I never tasted but i can guarantee that they are the yummiest gift a man could ever have.( cannot generalise lol)
    "She walks in beauty, like the night
    Of cloudless climes and starry skies;"

  • Smell and taste are closely related, so you can use your imagination if you know what you smell like.

  • I love the taste. Each girl tastes different but most recently it's nutty, slightly sweet, um...actually quite difficult to describe! Put it this way, the guy should be incredibly turned on going down on you and his arousal will tell his brain that it's the best taste he's ever encountered since his taste buds started functioning.

    As the other guy said, if he puts his tongue inside you as far as it can go, then he likes the taste of you.

  • Love it, suck on some spare change- almost the same thing... Other times it has different hints of flavor

  • have lesbian sex all girls are bi.

    • Lol no

    • yes 3 sumz

  • delicious I just love licking every inch of a girls body from head to toes.

  • salty.

What Girls Said 2

  • sugar&spice&everything nice ♡

  • ughh well you can just taste yourself and see...

    • Or you could just taste a friend... lol

    • Ack..I'd prefer not to taste myself and tasting a friend is out of the question

    • I want to taste

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