How do Girls Taste?

Hey guys. Just a curiosity of mine: How many of you like the taste of your girl? Can you describe the tastes?


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  • My ladies taste has a light sweet flavor,the best way I describe her taste is Honeydew,no bullsh*t! She doesn't smoke or drink,rarely eats junk food,no red meat. She drinks a lot of water and eats lots of green vegetables. Mainly,cucumbers,parsley,spinach and celery,she finds a way to snack on those throughout the day. And for fruits she only eats,watermelon,strawberries and kiwis. What you eat,you secrete.

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      That's great to hear...I've been worried that I may taste bad to my boyfriend so I've been avoiding oral..but I was still afraid that he may have snuck a taste with his fingers anyway. Knowing that a girl tastes like honeydew with a diet similar to mine is a very comforting thought.

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      Glad I could help! If he sticks his tongue in you as deep as he can go,than he loves your taste. That's a sure way to tell,he can taste you better that way. Plus tongue penetration puts a strain on your mouth kinda quick so if he does that than he's really enjoying your juices,be happy.