Where do girls have cramps during your period?

Are the cramps in your abdomen, lower back, thighs, where? Do these cramps make it difficult to walk sit or lye down? How bad do they hurt? Will a back rub or massage from your boyfriend or husband be beneficial for those cramps?

Also when you say bloating is a problem for you, does that mean you have a little more flatulence?


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  • My period is normally pretty terrible. I get extremely bad cramps all over my abdomen. Because of the way the nerves are in the body, the pain often extends down into my upper legs as well. It's a deep bone ache and often gets to be a constant pain, so I end up taking a lot of painkillers. It definitely makes it difficult to walk and lying down can be uncomfortable too. If I remain in one position for a long time, then it hurts a lot when I move. A really hard massage can help some, I think it loosens up the muscles a little. What really helps is heat, so I take a shower with the water as hot as I can stand and it really makes a difference. A rub or massage would be comforting though, even if it doesn't help with the actual physical pain, it's always nice to know that you're cared for.

    Bloating can mean flatulence, but when I use the term, I am usually referring to a feeling that is a mixture of nausea and feeling kind of fat, like after eating a really big meal. Some of this feeling comes from the water retention that takes place around the time of the period. It's worse for some people than others, but drinking a lot of tea helps some since it works like a diuretic.


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  • Cramps, for me, tend to be in the lower abdomen; basically, I feel like there's someone constantly kicking me in the uterus. Usually they're manageable, just like a really bad stomachache that won't go away for a couple days...a steady, constant pain. Sometimes, though, it will get really bad out of nowhere, or I will wake up and they're really bad.

    While a backrub would certainly be appreciated, really more for the gesture and the kindness of it than the actual physical sensation, the only thing that really helps when they're that bad is to apply a heating pad and just curl up on the bed in a fetal position. Or to take a LOT of pills. There was one time I had cramps so bad that I knew I wouldn't be functional the whole day, so I took about 5 or 6 Advil and was out cold within half an hour. I knew there was no way I'd be able to get to sleep any other way. Slept from 10 am to 6 pm. Thank God it was a Saturday. ;)

    Bloating doesn't really refer to flatulence, haha, although some girls do experience that around this time. It just means that our pants fit tighter and we feel like we've gained a lot of weight very suddenly. But after our period's over it goes back to normal.

  • Abdomen. For me, anyway. It's usually a pretty dull pain, but it can be bad enough that you can't even think. For me, the only thing that helps the cramps are curling up and using a heating pad. The most beneficial thing you could do in the interests of making her happier would be just helping her with anything she asks for. Movement makes it worse.

    Bloating may cause more flatulence, or it may just feel like it. And your pants start fitting a bit tighter...

    • You have to use a heating pad every month! That's terrible; I'm sorry to hear that.

    • Well, fortunately, I don't have bad cramps every month. Usually, it's just enough to make me cranky and uncomfortable. But there are some women who can't function while on their periods.

    • For me its not all that bad, some months can be worse then others though. My cramps are in my Abdomen there pretty light unless its a bad month. Bloating again isn't that bad for me, my pants get a little tighter but all good.

  • my cramps are horrible. I don't want to sound gross, but it feels like I have to poop really bad and can't. it's like...dull and achy. mine are always pretty fierce in my lower abdomen and lower back. sometimes they come in waves, and it gives me goosebumps until it passes.

    bloating sometimes means gassy, but usually it's just feeling fat and retaining more water weight than usual.

    backrubs are great, but if you really wanna make a a girl love you forever, find one of those rice packs that you microwave, heat it up for her, and let her lay on it on her stomach while you massage her lower back. and offer to get her some motrin.

    you are a wonderful man for caring.

  • It hurts too many places to count.

    Mostly the back and front for me. Massages sometimes work, but heat and Gods Gift: pills will usually help me. I use a clean sock, fill it with uncooked rice, tie it off, and place it in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and there you go! A nice heating pad. Cramps is like you just got kicked in the gut, and the pain is not going away. Guys always say when we are mad " Oh, you must be on your period" not always, but then again, if you are in constant pain, you are not going to be peachy 24/7.

  • When I'm on my period it's awful. I have horrible cramps in my back, lower back, lower abdomen, and abdomen. Sometimes I use a heating pad which helps a little bit, other times I rely on Midol. It actually got so bad that my doctor had to put me on the pill to lessen the symptoms, and it's still bad. It's pretty sucky when you throw up and get light headed when you're on your period :\ Bloating, yes, pretty much ALWAYS, 'flatulence'? Not so much. But I think even the gesture of a boyfriend offering to give me a backrub would be mice.

  • I have a horrible pain too. I feel like I'm going to pass out if nothing is going to relieve it. No medicine can help, only My mom taught me to drink hot tea with one big shot of brandy and that's what I do, the pain is over in one hour and I feel alive again. My aunt used to pass out from her period cramps she would end up being in the hospital. So yeah guys we girls have to take more pain than you. But the centuries are changing. One day we might switch as well :D :)

    • No that's not how it works. guys can't have periods. as much as I like helping girls out I really don't like when people try to impose bad parts of being their sex on the other ( guys will have periods some day, etc)

  • Abdomen, lower abdomen and lower back.

    Cramps is just an existing pain. Something like a stomachache, only difference is that it lasts much longer and hurts worse.

    What I noticed was eating less acidic food helps the cramps to hurt less.

    Usually curling up into a ball or walking around helps lessen the pain. A back rub would help too.

    Bloating and flatulence? Yes. I also noticed a way to lessen the pain.

    Curl both of the fists, put them against each other, sit on the legs and put the fist below the stomach before bending your upper body down. Stay for as long as you like.

    They really do work.

  • I didn't use to get cramps during my period, until I was fifteen. I always have cramps now, and they range from not too bad and I can get by without painkillers, to the killer cramps I've got now that I only get temporary relief from when I take four Ibuprofen. That didn't even work; I had to use a heating pad and then took a shower before I could possibly say I felt okay. Cramps are usually in the lower abdomen, and sometimes it feels like your entire uterus is going to just fall out any second (which I guess is kind of what's happening anyway :P). It's icky and makes you want to just bite someone's head off for looking at you funny.

    Bloating is when you feel like you just gained about twenty pounds in the last minute. It sucks, but it doesn't make you gassy (at least not me).

    Back rubs and massages would be nice, but the best thing sometimes is to just leave us alone. I know that when my ex tried to console me during my cramps, it just made me p*ssed and yell at him, which, being the big softie he was, would make him hurt and upset, which just made me madder. Microwave a rice bag and give it to us and let us veg out in front of the TV, and then leave us alone.

    Just know that the guy will never win if his girl is on her period and is crampy. So don't take offense if she is ridiculously mean or irritable. ;D

  • Each woman differs with how bad they are. I usually only get them in my lower abdomen, but occasionally in my lower back, too. Mine usually aren't too bad. I can just pop a couple pain killers and things usually go back to normal. But when they get really bad, it sucks. Try imagining what it would feel like to be having someone jabbing you repeatedly in your lower abdomen with a dull knife. When they get bad, it makes it pretty much impossible to do anything.

  • Bloating usually means you feel like you've gained weight ( a result of some water retention)

    Sometimes cramps aren't that bad and I get them in my lower back or stomach. Most of the time they occur in the lower abdomen, and hurt so badly ( like you got kicked in the gut... or as if there's a ton of pressure on your uterus). I basically just curl up and wait for them to go away - so in that case, it does hurt a lot to walk around.

  • I am experiencing extreme cramping and Midol is not even helping... ugh!

  • Every girl is different but I get cramps in my abdomen, lower back and the top of my legs like the girl who has answered below me the only thing that really helps is heat. I suffer from quite bad bloating at this time of the month too but it doesn't mean I suffer with more flatulence-just means my belly looks bigger and is more tender.


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