Where do girls have cramps during your period?

Are the cramps in your abdomen, lower back, thighs, where? Do these cramps make it difficult to walk sit or lye down? How bad do they hurt? Will a back rub or massage from your boyfriend or husband be beneficial for those cramps?

Also when you say bloating is a problem for you, does that mean you have a little more flatulence?


Most Helpful Girl

  • My period is normally pretty terrible. I get extremely bad cramps all over my abdomen. Because of the way the nerves are in the body, the pain often extends down into my upper legs as well. It's a deep bone ache and often gets to be a constant pain, so I end up taking a lot of painkillers. It definitely makes it difficult to walk and lying down can be uncomfortable too. If I remain in one position for a long time, then it hurts a lot when I move. A really hard massage can help some, I think it loosens up the muscles a little. What really helps is heat, so I take a shower with the water as hot as I can stand and it really makes a difference. A rub or massage would be comforting though, even if it doesn't help with the actual physical pain, it's always nice to know that you're cared for.

    Bloating can mean flatulence, but when I use the term, I am usually referring to a feeling that is a mixture of nausea and feeling kind of fat, like after eating a really big meal. Some of this feeling comes from the water retention that takes place around the time of the period. It's worse for some people than others, but drinking a lot of tea helps some since it works like a diuretic.