Sending naked pictures?

OK, so I've sent a few naked pics before.

Mostly of my boobs.

One of the guys was my best friend, so id didn't really mind.

But I was wondering if like guys think that's hot or if its a turn of for them. I'm not a slut or anything I've never had sex, so I was just wondering?!?!

I mean I've never sent anything besides my boobs, but they weren't to people I've actually meet, they were from different places...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless were gay us males tend to like boobs a lot. And someone we know sending us a picture of their boobs is really exciting. I don't know how knowledgeable you are but men do an activity called masturbation. Its where we stroke our penis with our hands (all guys do this) until we come which is where we shoot microscopic cells that can unite with your eggs to create life called sperm out of our penis, they appear white and sticky. But these sperm are not going to unite with an egg they are going to splatter all over a photo of your boobs. In the imagination of the masturbator they are going all over your actual boobs. I am deliberately trying to gross you out right now not because I am a creep but because I want you to grasp the serious nature of a young girl sending naked pictures. Do you want to have sex with these people. I won't tell you who to have sex with whatever you do use protection. Don't send naked pictures of your body to anybody unless you want to give that hot naked body of their fantasies to them. Don't send them to your male friend that you want to maintain a friend only relationship again. Doesn't matter how nice and sweet he is he will do nasty nasty things to you in your mind every night in his room and every time he sees you and will be heartbroken if his dreams don't come true especially after you really just gave him the green light. But over the years of disappointment and fruitless rubbing of his penis to you he will plot his revenge he will wait till you get on American Idol or he will wait till you get engaged or some other opportune moment to use said picture, with photo shop he could make it even better. Suddenly you made an amateur porn clip with him in high school, are you really a good role model for the young women of America? A picture is worth a thousand words

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