Do any other girls smell their own underwear?

I just saw an 8 month old question where a girl was shocked to find a guy smelling her underwear. And all the women responded with shock at anyone doing it.

I can't believe I am the only woman that smells her own underwear and completely understands why a guy would smell it.

Ladies, you've never been fascinated by your own smell?

  • That is disgusting I would never do that!
    10% (8)10% (3)10% (11)Vote
  • I can see why a guy would want to but I never would
    14% (11)23% (7)17% (18)Vote
  • I have been curious but never dared to do it
    4% (3)3% (1)4% (4)Vote
  • I love my own smell! It smells
    72% (55)64% (20)69% (75)Vote
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  • Okay I've been wondering about this for AGES. And yes, I do, I love my smell. It makes me feel feminine!


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  • Guys are naturally attracted to a womens private area down there, and that includes panties. So yes, most of them do try to smell them. As for girls smelling their own, I've never really thought of that, unless they were lez.

    • By that logic, masturbating makes you gay.

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    • Oh no, I didn't mean you!

      I just was randomly getting called stupid by someone I don't know (another poster) cause I brought this up. So I was just kind of suprised about that.

    • Hum, I don't know if it took my comment. Anyway, I was saying it's not you. I didn't mean you.

      I was just called stupid a couple times tonight for asking the question so I was a little shocked.

  • Can't see it, even if the girl smells good, sorry but that's a fetish, a rare one but its a fetish.

    • A fetish is something that is REQUIRED to arouse a person. That means they can't get aroused without the item. There are men that have dirty underwear fetishes. But a guy randomly smelling someone's underwear does not a fetish make.

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    • Might not mean me but I was just proving aswell as everyone else that a fetish can mean more than that.

    • Alright, alright. Truce? :)

  • Nahh not my thing.

  • Wow, who would have thought that such a harmless question would elicit such discussion! I like girl's panties of course, but wouldn't think of smelling my own underwear (unless I'm making a laundry decision). joking.

    • Thank you!

      I thought it was pretty harmless too! I guess not.

  • All panties smell good

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What Girls Said 17

  • Only if I think have a problem with my vaginal discharge i.e. it looks odd in color, or it itches, in which case I do it because I think I may have trust or a yeast infection, as most girls do from time to time.

  • Just to see if they need to be washed. I have smelled my girlfriend and bf's.

    • Ew..your friend's panties? =|

    • Girlfriend as in the girl I'm dating. You know, like boyfriend but she's a woman. Not everyone's a heterosexual.

  • I do it all of the time.

  • I do just to see how I smell sometimes and sometimes I think I smell pretty good. :-p I can definitely see why guys like to do it because I've known two that have smelled mine... more than once.

  • LOL I've never even thought about this before! Haha I have absolutely no input on this topic, but I thought you should know that it's a very interesting question.

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