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Girls, does it feel good when guys touch your breasts?

So my girlfriend and I were hanging out in my room watching a movie when we started to make out. We were going at if for about four hours... Show More

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  • its awesome. some women can actually get off just from nipple stimulation...

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  • yeah it feels good. it also makes us feel wanted. I like when a guy starts off gentle. it probably seemed like she didn't like it as much because she was just left wanting more

  • When he touches my boobs, I wanted him to hold it longer... I just love that kind of feeling.he enjoyed touching it, while I enjoy d feeling being touch and grab...my boyfriend also enjoy kissing my boobs too... it feels great honestly!

  • it definitely wasn't just for you. we like it. it just has to be respectful. and by that I mean, with a guy we want to touch us and a guy who listens if we tell him to stop.

  • yes I love when guys do this my boyfriend does not do it enough at all he does not get that sometimes I want him to be rough with them. Don't be to gentle and ask her just how she likes things because I know that I love it.

  • Yes, it definitely does, to answer your question :)

  • I totally LOVE when a guy gently squeezes & jiggles my boobs around (I'm a Double D cup size, so my boobs jiggle very easily) & sucks my nipples, and caress my nipples between his fingers. It feels AMAZING!

  • It feels like heaven when a guy touches my breasts. My nipples get so hard and he loves to suck on them. Try sucking or licking them as well, it feels great and your girl's nipples will get hard as rocks. Rub nipples ruff and lightly it feels great. Go up the shirt and slowly take off the bra then take the shirt off. Then feel all around, lick, and suck the nipples it makes the girls horney and its fantastic!

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