Is sexual exploration with a sibling normal?

I was speaking to my sister the other day about growing up and how we had explored each others body as curious kids and how we both agreed that it did no harm and provided a real wealth of knowledge and fun... so is it really wrong to do this or is it a good way to learn about the opposite sex in a loving caring way without any pressure...

yes, very normal!


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  • Yes it's very common. It was a good learning experience. And by you saying you had a discussion with your sister the other day, what you really meant was you were re-enacting your childhood experiences because it's wrong that equates to hot.

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  • i guess its pretty normal! its just talking, getting to know your is a good way to learn about the opp. sex but as long as its within the limits. I mean keep it clean, no dirty talking or extreme talk.

    perhaps she could also advise you about women in general.

    • We used each other to find out about the opp. sex what they liked etc, she showed what a female body looked like, what they liked and enjoyed having done to them etc.... and I did the same for her...

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    • When it comes to talking I think its normal.. but not to the extreme like just a small chat.

      Touching and looking is a big NO NO.... touching leads to wanting to do other stuff...

      plus its just not okay to touch... if you wanna know more about it.. wanna know how it looks like then read about it, get books, get educational sex documentaries or watch porn!!! simply

    • I understand where you are coming from, but speaking form experience, both my sister (who is now happily married) and I agree totally that we were lucky to have had each other, we didn't have to learn from bumbling first experiences with people we met, trying to learn what to do.... as it was we had a very good understanding of the opp. sex and how to please them, which made our first times so much less stressful and forgettable.

  • If ur touching, that's not common at all! it it's just talking then that's okay.

  • well when I was young about 7 I think I also did that with my older brother,...well yess the exploring , touchng...and maybe making out and petting...and now I got this flashbacks ...and I'm very disgusted by myself...i feel anger when I look at my brother we never talk about this it like we never did this and I don't want to but ... is this really common and normal ? should I feel guillty ? please answer me I really need someone right now ...

  • It happens. I'm not sure if that makes it normal, but I think it is pretty common. My brother and I played doctor at a pretty young age. So yeah, his was the first penis I saw or touched. We were too young for this to really be a sexual thing, but I do remember wondering why it got bigger.

  • it's normal for siblings to play "doctor" when they're little. the boy isn't getting a boner or anything, it's not sexual. it's just innocent exploration, "hey, why doesn't she have a penis?"

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  • 1.

    You can both be happy to have been able to inform each other, to contribute to the other's advancement, to have been helped by the other.


    It probably happens between a lot of siblings: kid's stuff.


    No one is hurt by it, you both got a benefit from it: no problem at all thus.

  • Based on your comments on rdabby's question, your exploration included touching each other sexually. This is not appropriate, and is in fact illegal in many countries. It is a form of incest dude, and not cool.

    • It wasn't so much sexual at the time, rather it was more curiosity or exploration...we were really just discovering what things were and felt like etc, it was educational not sexual

  • Wow, my first reaction was a strong one. But after giving it some thought, if there is no sexual tendencies towards each other AT ALL, then that sounds all right to me. I know that some families (not many, some) walk around nude all the time and there's no sexual feelings about that, its just the way they are.

  • Wish I had a ladeh to feel.


  • Say I'm wrong, but I actually think you're lucky in that way.

    I want details. Lol.

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