So my boyfriend won't go down on me? It's irritating?

Well,first off,i wax and I'm bare,i shower 3 times a day(I workout) and I don't smell.I always go down on him,he doesn't even have to ask for me to do it,and I do it because I enjoy pleasing him.I've asked him to go down on me like twice and he refuses.I've only been with one other guy and he used... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Whether you go down on him or not, he should be eating you out as much as possible. If he isn't sensitive to your needs, then he isn't a good boyfriend. I love performing oral on a girl, even though they won't give me head. I absolutely love making her feel good. If he has an issue with that, find another guy. There are a billion on that planet that would love to make you feel good orally. Heck, I have waited at the front door for girls ready to unzip them and have them sit on my face. Find a guy that is passionate about pleasing you.