So my boyfriend won't go down on me? It's irritating?

Well,first off,i wax and I'm bare,i shower 3 times a day(I workout) and I don't smell.I always go down on him,he doesn't even have to ask for me to do it,and I do it because I enjoy pleasing him.I've asked him to go down on me like twice and he refuses.I've only been with one other guy and he used to go down on me and oral is the only way I can orgasm,fingering doesn't help and neither does actual intercourse,so of course,with my current boyfriend,i haven't had an orgasm and it irritates me.What should I do?


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  • Whether you go down on him or not, he should be eating you out as much as possible. If he isn't sensitive to your needs, then he isn't a good boyfriend. I love performing oral on a girl, even though they won't give me head. I absolutely love making her feel good. If he has an issue with that, find another guy. There are a billion on that planet that would love to make you feel good orally. Heck, I have waited at the front door for girls ready to unzip them and have them sit on my face. Find a guy that is passionate about pleasing you.


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  • So you haven't tried emotional blackmail or withholding sex yet? It's like you don't know the first thing about being a woman. I like it.

    • Lol,thanks,women love that right?Huge part of being a male too

  • does he know how your feel about it tell him if he doesn't

    or maybe get some flavored lube an put it on while you tease or something an he sees you do it and just sorta get up in a position for him to do it an see what happens

  • tell him I won't go down on you unless you go down on me!


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  • Well First off,oral sex isn't for everyone.Not everyone enjoys receiving oral sex or giving oral sex.For some,it's just a preference,for others it stems from being lazy.So I would suggest you find the root of the problem,is it simply preference?Or is it him being lazy and selfish?

    Secondly,you shouldn't pressure him into doing so or "blackmail" him.If this was a guy asking,people would be telling him not to pressure the girl and that you shouldn't ask more than once or twice,why should the rules change here?...they shouldn't.

    Thirdly,if you can't compromise with him,then break up with him and find someone who you're sexually compatible and who will please you as much as you please him.

    As for people telling you to not go down on him,if this were a guy asking,you'd be called a jerk,an a**,selfish,and every other name in the book.If you genuinely enjoy pleasing him,there's no need to stop.