What does it mean when a guy cums after 5 seconds of receiving head?

I've been hooking up with this guy who I really like. We've had sex before and he lasted a good 15 mins or so (and that was my first time). But when I gave him head, he came literally 5-10 seconds into it. He said that the last time he was given head, he went limp. Does this mean I was good at it, or what? I'm so confused. I mean I am glad I was able to pleasure him, but I kinda wanted something in return, ya know? and after he came, he wasn't in the mood for anything else.. Did I do something wrong or what?


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  • No, you didn't do anything wrong. He's just selfish for his own pleasure coming from you and is not too concerned about what he could do for you.

    • +1 exactly right. If a guy really likes u, he will want to give you something in return.

    • Agh! I wish I had known all of this before. My last boyfriend would have me please him, then fall asleep -_-

      You sound like this was a one time thing. Maybe he was just so turned on by it he couldn't control himself. Maybe it'll get better when he knows what to expect from you.

    • It's more likely this guy is like your last boyfriend. He will satisfy himself and then roll over to sleep.

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  • Yes, you did something wrong. Next time do 69, so both have a good time. And no, your not that good at it, he was just very horny and maybe a bit inexperienced sexually.

  • Ok he was just heaps excited at the idea of getting head. Even though he says differently, I reckon it was the first blowjob he's ever had and he was just a little too turned on by the thought. He wanted you to think he was manly so he said he went "limp" last time just to show off.

    Otherwise, after a guy cums, he generally doesn't want to do anymore sexual stuff for a while.

    If you "want something in return", get it before you go down on him, or do 69.

  • You have to tease him first to show you want something, try not to give him anything until he is giving you something, and yes as soon as a guy cums he does lose his sex drive instantly, as for the 5-10 seconds thing, that might be an inconsistent issue he has, try it again and if it happens again maybe he needs to get that checked...

  • message me if you want like specifics but basically its not that you were good or you did anything wrong, he just came really fast that's his fault


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  • If it happens just once you really shouldn't think anything of it except that he was really excited. If it happens multiple times then you should find out if he'd be up for a round two. As long as he is, there's really no issue.