What does it mean when a guy cums after 5 seconds of receiving head?

I've been hooking up with this guy who I really like. We've had sex before and he lasted a good 15 mins or so (and that was my first time). But when I gave him head, he came literally 5-10 seconds into it. He said that the last time he was given head, he went limp. Does this mean I was good at it, or what? I'm so confused. I mean I am glad I was able to pleasure him, but I kinda wanted something in return, ya know? and after he came, he wasn't in the mood for anything else.. Did I do something wrong or what?


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  • No, you didn't do anything wrong. He's just selfish for his own pleasure coming from you and is not too concerned about what he could do for you.

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      +1 exactly right. If a guy really likes u, he will want to give you something in return.

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      Agh! I wish I had known all of this before. My last boyfriend would have me please him, then fall asleep -_-

      You sound like this was a one time thing. Maybe he was just so turned on by it he couldn't control himself. Maybe it'll get better when he knows what to expect from you.

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      It's more likely this guy is like your last boyfriend. He will satisfy himself and then roll over to sleep.