Do girls like getting their salad tossed?

When a guy goes down on his girl, does she like getting her butthole licked as well? Is it a huge turn on?


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  • I like being touched everywhere and my anus is no exception. It's a turn on for me, but I wouldn't say "huge." If my partner loved my elbows and licked them, that would turn me on too just knowing he loves my body and worships me. There is some real pleasure that comes from rimming but it's nothing like the pleasure from real anal or licking a girl's p**** or breasts.


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  • Yes I love it. Best when added to eatin my out.

  • Honestly no I don't I love when I guy goes down but I don't want them going to down like that

  • Well, personally I wouldn't like it. But I guess it depends on the girl ...


What Guys Said 2

  • Damn I hope not.

  • Of course it is. In my book, "Tossing Salads and Other Erotic Activities", I explain in detail how the anus is a poaint of extreme stimulation, especially during intercourse. Even males share a set of nerve endings called the dikulus vaginus stimulus, located in males just below the scrotum, and in females near the external sphnincter. When gently wetted, the nerves react, sending a message to the brain. Being so close to the genitals, the brain interprets this as a sexual act, and envisions a chef tossing a wonderful ceasar salad, with chicken. This stimulation is therefore refered to as the 'salad tossing reaction.' In the case of aliens, this nerve ending is not located near the genitals, but rides along the external occipital protuberance, located on the back of the human head, which is the alien nipple, accordingly. Another sensual spot on the alien is the tensor faschia latae, located on the hip of both humans and aliens alike. Stroking this area gently provides a tickling, warming sensation that causes a pheromone release, giving one that 'horny' feeling. For more information on human pheromones, sexual intercourse advice, and deadly martial arts, email me at