So self conscious about small breasts

plain and simple: I am extremely self conscious about my small breasts. I'm a 32B, though I swear I feel smaller. and I'm even self conscious about my body being too small. like OK, I'm not gonna lie, I want to stay thin and even had an eating disorder for a number of years. so yeah I'm always... Show More

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  • Honestly you're lucky to be a B, I'm always a 32A. You just need to buy yourself a push up bra/chicken fillets if you want bigger breasts-definitely do NOT get breasts implants because they will look fake and distort your shape and make you look heavier than you are. Make sure you get measured in a store to double check your bra size. Bra sizes can vary from store to store depending on what age group the store is targeting-generally the stores for younger people will have slightly smaller sizes. But I know its about more than just the size of your breasts.

    I can really relate to your question because I have problems with food too. I always like my body to be thin because I don't like its natural shape. Still I look at a friend of mine who has a [different shape to mine]natural slim hourglass figure that I would kill for because it is nice and womanly. So its definitely a dilemna. If you want bigger breasts another option is to put on a little bit of weight-even 7lbs when you're very slim does make a difference to your breasts. If you are very thin, then your bust size will naturally decrease. [I like having the control of being thin but sometimes I catch a glimpse of skinny legs/arms and it does hit me then. Sometimes when I'm thin I also feel almost child like and delicate because I'm so small.]

    Are you getting help for your eating disorder? Its something you can't deal with on your own. Believe me, I tried but its too hard. It is a constant battle so its good to get support from therapy, nutritionist etc. My weight fluctuates a lot-i starve and then binge. I have no solutions but I just wanted to say I know how hard it can be. Other people don't understand the perfectionism and need for control behind it. I don't think a guy is going to suddenly be disappointed when he sees you have small breasts as long as they suit your petite shape. I mean, if a guy wants to sleep with you then he clearly fancies you so forget about that altogether.

    Talk to someone about this and get support hun! Good luck!

    • And always remember (if you are trying to chance your looks in order to appeal to your perception of guys likes) that there are many guys who find smaller breasts more attractive!

    • I don't recall ever seeing this answer until now. how did that happen? because I really appreciated this. and its so good to know someone else totally gets where I'm coming from with this:) thanks so much dear