Hey girls - how old were you when you saw your first erection?

I'm really curious - when did you see your first erect penis and what were the circumstances?


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  • I was really young like 12-13 when I saw one in porn but I only saw a proper one a week ago- I'm 19. My boyfriend and I were sending naughty pictures to each other and I got one of his erect penis. I was surprised by how big they are, how veiny they actually are and then I was considering the fact that it has to fit inside me and got a little bit frightened about the whole thing.

    • Lol how now brown cow =)

      nothing to be afraid of unless he is a total noob and doesn't know the meaning of foreplay

    • Lol no he is completely lovely and we talk about it very openly I was just not expecting them to be so wide. I can like get two fingers maybe three, when I'm really wet, inside me and I was like fingers...penis. NOT the same thing oh dear. He's already said in the possibility that it doesn't fit oral sex will become the new sex which reassured me a fair bit.

    • Well just go slow I guess, no rush if you don't feel comfortable yet.


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  • 14 and I gave my boyfriend a hand job. =]

  • 14 because I was looking at porn but if that doesn't count then my friend sent me a nude pic and I freaked out


    • Why did you freak out?

    • Because the nude picture wasn't what I was expecting and it looked totally fake

      it looked like he was holding a hotdog!!

  • 13 and I sucked it. Yeah that was wayy too young but there was a lot going on in that situation and I have learned from it.


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  • Well, I'm a guy, so I'm sure it was mine!!!