Watching a guy get hard?

Hey girls - have you ever had the experience of watching a guy's penis get hard by itself, with no stimulation? Do you like to watch it throbbing as it gets fatter and bigger and lifts up?


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  • I have and watching a guy's c*** get hard is one of the sexiest things I've seen. Its an unbelievable tease and all I want to do is reach out and touch it and feel it throbbing in my hand. Its so, so hot to watch your man get aroused and imagine the pleasure he must be feeling.


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  • Yes, and it's totally hot. I love watching my bf's **** get all big like that.

  • Yeah, it just looks sorta strange though. It makes me wonder what it feels like for the guy. lol

    • I can tell you what it feels like, Alma - it feels fantastic. Each time it throbs and twitches it feels great, like a spasm inside.

  • I haven't seen that before but Id want to!

    • You really shouldn't miss it - I think you'd find it very hot. Let's talk about it - I'm free to chat anytime or send me a message. Thanks, anon.

  • I love to watch it gets me all horny and lol it gets the juices flowing...its soooo...Whoo!

    • I'm glad to hear that - it makes me pretty horny, too, to have a girl watch me.

  • yeah it makes me so horny actually

  • AHHH YES !

    • Idk its the weirdest sexiest sight all rolled into one penis. haha

    • Great answer, anon. I think we should discuss this in more detail. I am available to chat anytime or send me a message. Thanks

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