Do girls also like seeing guys naked?

Guys always talk about how hot they think a certain girl would be naked do girls sometimes wonder how a hot guy looks naked and do you like seeing guys naked?


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  • American women are pathetically lame. Fifteen to twenty years ago men were much more proud of their bodies in front of women. Board shorts were unheard of, and short trunks were the norm. No shame, no embarrassment. Guys looked hot at the beach without having to feel ashamed of the whole lower half of their bodies. We women had so much more eye candy to look at than the women today. I hope that Ivarei was not going to the beach then, she would have had to cover her eyes. She might actually see a part of a man's thigh, (Oh My God)! American women are conditioned in a huge way to see the male anatomy as unattractive, and only utilitarian. We are also hugely conditioned to only see the female anatomy as visually appealing. Women's sexuality in America is slowly being perverted. European women are far more free to be truly female, and celebrate the attractiveness of men and are not made to feel shallow and slutty for it. I think many American women's attitudes about the male anatomy is quite frankly bizarre. Would love to hear from some women that are as frustrated with the attitude of American women as I am. We're screwed up!

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      I agree wholeheartedly. American women take for granted that they can get a guy anytime they want so they don't really respect men anymore (neither their body or their sexuality). Over the course of time women have become far more attracted to women and see men as simply a vehicle for marriage and procreation. Why is it the female bisexuality is celebrated and male bisexuality seen as disgusting? I love women very much but want to be wanted by them and I am losing hope that I ever will.