What are signs that a guy is masterbating?

Well there is a guy in front of me that moves a lot around his desk and like he puts his hands in his pockets and sometimes its soo awkward because he moves his hand in his pocket excessively and he puts his head down. And I notice because my desk moves too and some kids around me say that he's touching himself but is it true? Is he really masturbating?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Lol chances are no. I'm suspecting you're a young teenager. Young guys get boners quite often, without anything really causing it. It's just something that every boy goes through. With hitting puberty, our body goes through changes and our hormones are going crazy, and it does stuff without our control. So there are many times when a guy is sitting at his desk, and can get a boner, even though he's not thinking about anything sex wise. Chances are, that's what happened, and he was just trying to adjust it so it's not as obvious in case he has to get up or something.

    If he was masturbating, you and the whole class would know, lol.